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Continent - Africa, America, Antarctic, Asia, Oceania or Europe

Continent Region - South America, Western Europe, Siberia, Sahara Desert, North Hemisphere every recognizable region

Africa Edit

African World
The civilizations in Africa in this Alternate History grow much faster than the civilizations of Europe and Asia, and history is turned around completely. From the late discovery of the New World, to the African colonization of Europe and the Middle-East.

Americas Edit

Central America Edit

Aztec Empire
In 1521 the Spaniards besieged Tenochtitlan, they lose and are expelled from America. A featured alternate history.
The Mayan empire falls, a disease, called papatlaca, spreads throughout Central and South America.

North America Edit

British Louisiana

As a result of wars between Great Britain and France, the Louisiana territory is ceded to the growing British Empire.

Russian America

After the Napoleonic Wars the Russian Empire chooses to pay more attention to its American colonies leading to war with Spain and the eventual birth of a free Slavic nation in the New World.

Step in a Different Direction

With a few key changes in the months prior to the 2008 American Presidential Election and a different running mate senator John McCain secures a narrow victory over senator Barrack Obama to become the 44th President of the United States.

President McCain

In the 2000 American Presidential Election John McCain defeats George W Bush in the Republican primaries before winning the general election. He will serve as President of the United States for two terms.

Viva California
The Main Points of Divergence are: a) The Mexican-American War was a bust, despite the manpower that the US had to throw at it; b) The Civil War was won by the Secessionists, as the military leadership that saved the war here was killed in the Mexican-American war or within the first years of the Civil War and c)Texas refused to join the United States. A featured alternate history.
Newfoundlandic Revolution
Newfoundland used to be a Canadian province before the Newfoundlantic Revolution of the 1960'S, when young Canadian aristocrats of Newfoundland took over and established COBRA (Central Organization for the Basic Rights of Aristocrats). America sent the brightest children and teens to the province island to fight the rich kids. The RAMBO (Republic of American Militia Bipartisan Order) dressed in the hippie fashion known today and used very advanced strategies .with indigenous-styled weaponry. They used LSD to create a language so as to confound the COBRA. The spoiled brats of the island surrendered and in 1969 Newfoundland was cut in half by Canada and the island granted to the United States and recognized as a dual-status nation of America. The northern province was later named "Labrador." Today, it is the greatest nation on Earth as "Healthiest Nation" followed by the United States, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

South America Edit

Parallel Brazil
Brazil is colonized differently as a result of a divergent Portuguese situation, the influence of some characters, and some environmental divergences.

Regnum Bueno

Upon the historical independence of Portugal from Spain in 1640 a colonial governor in San Paulo Brazil follows the wishes of his people and declares himself king of the city.

Antarctic Edit

Great White South
20,000 years ago an unknown event took place in the southern hemisphere, causing Antarctica to warm up. Despite the fact that the continent remains cold and dark, it is now inhabitable enough for Humans to live in. A featured alternate history.

Asia Edit

East Asia Edit

Asia for the Asiatics!
This timeline revolves around the evolution of a democratic PanAsianist Japan that leads the continent to a bright future. The POD for the timeline is the survival of Itō Hirobumi after the assassination attempt on him in Manchuria on October 26, 1909 fails. As a result, Japan fails to develop into the militarist monarchy it became in the OTL.
Chinese Meiji
China starts a modernization program in the 1840s, overthrows the Qing dynasty, and sets up a constitutional monarchy. The result is a drastically different 20th century, where Germany dominates Europe and the Middle East is one of the most stable regions in the world.
Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum
The successful Mongol invasion to Japan in 1281 changed the Japanese society drastically. Japan was subjugated as a tributary state for Yuan Dynasty and the country's myth of racial superiority died before its even bloomed. With the collapse of Bakufu government, the warrior class of samurai almost went into extinct and Japanese society became less militarized.
Divided Japan
An occupied Japan after World War II. Japan is divided into four zones, each occupied by one of the four allies (USA, USSR, China and France).
Easternized World
Tang Dynasty China survives longer, eventually being replaced by another native Chinese dynasty that crushes the Mongols and moves on to take over much of the world. Japan and Sri Vijaya also become great powers and compete against each other and with China for colonies and riches.
Monkey Smashes Heaven
The mystical rebel Monkey God- Sun Wukong returns to earth in the form of Mao Zedong. He leads Sun Yat Sen's People's Army in a Long March to Mongolia. His Godlike strength and intelligence radically shapes the Russian Revolution and 20th century science and technology leading to a World Communist Soviet Republic.
Toyotomi Japan
The death of Yi Sun-sin sometime prior to Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea leads to Japanese victory. This, in turn, promotes an expansionist, rather than isolationist, Japan. Under the leadership of the Toyotomi family, holding the court titles of Quampaku and Sexxô, the Japanese compete with the great European powers for colonies. A featured alternate history

South East Asia Edit

Inglorious Bastard of the East (Under Construction)

Siam walked into the first period of 20th Century with turmoil and struggle, after a brief participation of World War I, the King Vajiravudh, Rama VI, saw himself as the future leader of the whole Southeast Asia, but in order to do just that, he needs to beat his way out from the entanglement of European powers colonizing both sides of the country and secure its place in the global community right before World War II.

South Asia Edit

Mughal Glory
IN OTL The overly militaristic son of a great emperor, Aurangzeb, triumphed over his brother. However the POD is in 1633 whren Aurangzeb was training with war elephants when one of them, enraged, trampled on him, killing him.

Europe Edit

Nazi Nukes
In the world of Nazi Nukes Hitler never exiled his Jewish scientists, including Einstein. This led to the Americans not being able to develop the nuclear weapons, but more importantly, the Nazis were able to develop better weaponry, including nuclear weapons during the war. And by 1941 with the help of the Jewish scientists the Nazis had developed their first nuclear bomb.
Early World War I
The Dogger Bank Incident wasn't solved diplomatically & it escalated to Britain joining the Russo-Japanese war on Japan's side. The Russo-Japanese war continues to expand until most of the world is at war...
The British Ain't Coming
65 million years ago, the Chicxulub impactor instead hits the landmass that would have become the British Isles, destroying the landmass. This leads to a world without the British Isles, and therefore no British influence whatsoever.
The Right Blunder
Austria sides with Russia in the Crimean War, leading to a hard-won but tangible victory, changing the European alliance system forever. Italian and German unification is delayed by 30 years, Habsburg power remains, (in a modified form), for many decades longer, the Saudis never rise, and Russia becomes a (rather revanchist) republic.
Welsh History Post Glyndwr
This timeline looks at what might have been if Wales under Owain Glyndwr had won the War of Independence (1400-1409). The POD for this timeline is the Battle of Worcester. A featured alternate history.

Oceania Edit