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Alternate history or alternative history, sometimes abbreviated AH, is a genre of fiction consisting of stories that are set in worlds in which one or more historical events unfolds differently from how it did in reality. It can be variously seen as a subgenre of literary fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction; different alternate history works may use tropes from any or all of these genres. Another occasionally used term for the genre is "allohistory" (literally "other history"). (paragraph copied from Wikipedia) 

Alternative History was created by Muhammad Mehmed in 747 when he published the first ever book 'Persia Survives'. The Caliph was really interested at that time and orded another book to be made. He also decided to promote Alternative History. This meant by 550 there was loads of Alternate Historians in the Caliphate. He made his second book in 549 called 'Byzantine Defeat'.

Map Games was invented by Muhammad Ali (random name and its NOT THE BOXER) in 549. It was when you have a map and you play different nations in a different time period or the same time period. You are in control of your nation in all ways. A mod is the leader of the game and do mod responses and create events which happen in the game. A mod cannot play.

In 553 the Caliph made it law that Alternative History would be taught all over the Caliphate. This meant that Alternative History was extremely popular in the Caliphate.


In writing an alternate history, the author makes the conscious choice to change something in our past. According to Muhammed Mehmed, the farther of alternative history, alternate history requires three things:

1) the story must have a point of divergence from the history of our world prior to the time at which the author is writing

2) a change that would alter history as it is known.

3) an examination of the ramifications of that change. (Section copied from Wikipedia)

Muhammed Mehmeds Books

  • Persia Survives - What if Persia offered a treaty to the Caliphate in 620s and made sure that the Persian Kingdom was stable enough to survive at that current size.
  • Byzantine Defeat - What if the Byzantine Empire was defeatend in the 1st Byzantine-Caliphate war and made sure that the Caliphate had an advantage against the Goths?
  • Rome Collapsed Differently - What if Rome collapsed differently so the Goths werent so United and made sure that the Caliphate would rule over North Africa in 750? (It collapsed like the OTL)
  • No Muhammed - What if the prophet Muhammed died when he was ten and the Caliphate would never of existed?
  • No Plague - What if the Plague of the 7th Century never came about and both sides would be stronger in the war of the 2 High Councils?
  • Goth and the Caliphate freinds - What if the Goths accepted the Caliphate into the High Council of the Mediterranean and the War of the Two High Councils and the High Council of the Middle East would never existed?


Alternative History lessons

By 12 years of age, it is required that all students would read the six Muhammed Mehed books. Alternative History is taught until 16 years of age when you've got the choice of more teaching of Alternative History.

Alternative History other books

This is where other nations from the Caliphate can list there own Alternative History books. You have to list it and make a page for it.

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