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United States of Europe
Timeline: United States of Europe
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

"In Varietate Concordia" (German,English,Russian,French, Spanish,Swedish,Italian, Polish)

Anthem ""Ode to Joy""
Capital City of London
Largest city Moscow/Istanbul
Other cities London,Paris,Berlin,Saint Petersburg
Language German,English,Russian,French,

Spanish,Swedish,Italian, Polish

Ethnic Group European
Demonym European
Government Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
  legislature Constitutional democracy
Katarina Barley Albert II of Belgium and Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Currency Euro
The United States of Europe was first suggested by Winston Churchill at the first Potsdam conference.His successor Clement Attlee followed up the plans and created a temporary free trade agreement with San Marino, The Netherlands, Allied Occupied Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland (who agreed to break their neutrality policy). Attlee then convinced Princess Elizabeth not to marry Phillip so a possible marriage with Prince Albert of Belgium could keep the royal family in a USE.

The agreement helped Attlee get re-elected to office in 1950 and negotiations began for unification of the original 9. In 6th of February 1954 the London treaty officially unified the 9 an subsequent referendums passed in all 9, with Belgium passing the treaty 62 to 38 in their referendum. Later that year Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth married and became joint Monarchs of USE; Remaining monarchs kept power but only in their state

The inaugural 1954 ESA election saw the Labour and socialist party go into coalition with the liberals and democrats to take control of 303/500 seats with the christian union and conservative party taking the rest of the seats.The results saw Konrad Adenauer become the leader of the opposition and Willem Drees became the prime minster of ESA with Erik Eriksen being PM, Clement Attlee became President of the ESA council.

The USE Expanded in 1962 when the Paris treaty saw France and a newly democratic Portugal join.

The Madrid treaty of 1976 saw Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Monaco, Andorra,Liechtenstein and Greece join the ESA and most government buildings move from the City of London to Brussels.

The USE continued to expand an put pressure on communist Europe which fell in 1987, In the aftermath the ESA took power in all European countries (including Russia), except Yugoslavia and Turkey.

One of ESA's worst mistakes was air striking parts of Yugoslavia with rest of NATO during the Yugoslav war, many pilots were rushed into battle and bombed large amounts of civilians.The following 1999 election saw the conservative/christian union alliance destroyed by falling from 56% control to a total of 26% representation in the now alternative voting system.

In 2008 the new social and labour-green coalition accepted Bosnia, Croatia,Slovenia, Macedonia, and Montenegro into the ESA after apologising profusely for the 90s bombings, in 2010 the Brussels treaty saw Kosovo peacefully gain independence from Serbia and in 2012 both countries joined ESA.

In 2015 the Turkish split saw Kurdistan gain independence from Turkey with ESA help and all Turkish land west of the Sea Of Marmara and the Black Sea + East Istanbul join ESA, so ESA truly controlled all of Europe.

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