12th CENTURY...

... in the Empire

The 12th century signaled the dominance of the Empire over the Republic of Venice, and, consecuently, the Empire's commercial dominance over the Mediterranean Sea. The Republic of Venice remained an independent sovereignty (well, it had to pay an annual tribute to the Crown for that), but it was always affiliated to the strong Empire. An agreement was established by both parties, which availed the Empire a set of trading privileges along with the use of the Venetian fleet per request and Venice ensured the security of its dominion, as the Empire was obligated to provide its army in any event of warfare against the Republic of Venice.

Komnenoi, the ruling dynasty of the Empire during the course of the 12th century, also implemented a course of action towards the reinforcement of various financial, administrative and military aspects that would upgrade the function of all ‘themata’ (the main administrative divisions of the country).

... around the world

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