Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was born in 1964 in Idaho. From an early age it was clear that she would go far, athletic and ambitious. In 1980 she entered a career as a model and appeared in several prestigious magazi
200px-467px-Sarah Palin portrait

Palin at her inauguration ceremony, January 20th 1997

nes and it was during this period that she first met energy baron Todd Palin, who became her long time partner. In 1990 Palin began a series of plastic surgery operations, before resuming her career in 1993. In 1994 her career boosted again when she stared in the hit movie "Techno" and appeared in several other magazine shoots. By 1995 Palin was featured at least once on every magazine website in the country and there were fan clubs for her all over the country. She was a long time supporter of the Republican party and had been present at their 1992 rally. She was the main front-woman behind the push to lower the age of eligibility to run for president from 35 years to 28. So 1996 however she was eligible to run for president and she was elected Republican nominee. She won the election by the widest margin in history, getting 93% of the popular vote. Her main policy was "What you don't know can't hurt you !". One of her very first acts as president was to repeal the 22nd Amendment accusing it of "limiting the people's choices". In April 1997 she gave her "doomed to fate" speech to the country, In this speech she stated that the human population (nearly 6 billion at the time) was increasing so fast that the earth must make sacrifices, therefore she introduced "The Great Deal", the plan to "get all Americans living in designated urban areas in 10 years, that way we can preserve our great country". Also she announced that a referendum would be held in Canada on whether it should be annexed into the United states. The referendum result was 53% Yes to joining the USA. Ninn New states were created but the National flag of the USA remained the same. This angered many Canadians who wanted their h
Palin expansion announcment

Palin announces her intention to send mission to Mars

eritage represented. In August 1997 Palin announced her intention to send a mission to mars before the end of the decade, this soon grew into the Apex programme. However in November she announced another new plan, government subsidised healthcare for 12 - 62 year olds. This healthcare also include "cosmetic bodily enhancements". Also she announced her intention to send a mission to Mars by the end of the century.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox was born in 1986 in Tennessee. In 2000, she was voted young Miss Tennessee. She came to fame in 2005 with her erotic pop sensation "Baby!", and then appeared in several high class erotic films. She went on to become a cult figure and was an icon of the 2000's.

Camille Coduri

Camille was born in 1965 in London to a very wealthy family. She dropped out from Cardiff University in 1984 because of lack of attendance and poor behaviour. She spent the next five years traveling around the world staying in luxury hotels and having a series of affairs. Returning to Britain in 1989 she bought the media company "News Today" and appointed herself editor.She made several large donations to the Republican party. In 1994
Camille Coduri 1

Camille Coduri, Britain's Iron Woman, President 1997 - 2009 Prime Minister 1998 - 2005

she ran for Republican Mayor of London and won by a landslide. However in 1996 she resigned to concentrate on her presidential campaign. She won the Republican nomination for President and won the 1997 election by a landslide. In 1998 she won election as leader of the Republican party in Parliament making her the first person to hold the offices of President and Prime Minister at the same time. Her main policies were: Greater incentives for large businesses, Increased spending. She won reelection in 2000 and her Party's majority in parliament steadily increased in each Parliamentary election, so much so that in 2005 the 295th law was passed to abolish all power from a Prime Minister and making the title much more ceremonial, and making the President the undisputed leader of the country. Her steadfast robustness, ruthlessness and businesswoman-like attitude to the Presidency earned her the nickname of The Iron Woman.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Tweedy was born in 1983 in Newcastle, Britain into a wealthy middle class family. In 1997 she began her career as a child model (much like then American President Sarah Palin) and appeared in several adverts. She continued her career as a model until 2002, when she began to take an interest in Politics. First joining the Socialist Party in 2002. However in 2005 her career began to take off, she recorded a music single just as a small exception from her modelling career but the single turned into a hit. In a matter of weeks she went from being a low standard model to becoming a hit celebrity. But Cheryl refused to continue as a musician and instead set her eyes fully on politics. In 2006 she left the Socialist Party to form her own, New Party. The party was formed just in time to participate in the 2006 parliamentary elections and got an astounding 7.3% of the vote, making it the 4th largest party in the lower house. Furthermore, following its devastating defeat and subsequent collapse, all eight remaining socialist members joined the new party and their seats subsequently became New, therefore making the New party the 3rd largest Party. However throughout early 2007 National party leader Geri Halliwell demanded an election. Reluctantly Coduri's Republican government agreed and an election was held in march.

Yulia Elektra

Yulia Elektra was born in Dnipropetrovsk, then part of the Soviet Union) to Ludmila Telegina, a Russian-speaking Ukrainian,[19][20] and Vladimir Hryhyan (most likely of Armenian origin).[7][21] Her father le
ft the family when Yulia was three years old.[22] Tymoshenko took the surname of her mother, under which she graduated.[22] In 1979, Yulia married Oleksandr Tymoshenko, son of a mid-level Soviet communist party bureaucrat. In 1980 Yulia joined the communist Party and in 1986 became deputy Secretary of the city party committee. When the Communist regime began to crumble in March 1990 Yulia was bizarrely appointed Deputy President of the USSR as an attempt to introduce "young vigour" to the communist regime, but Yulia had ideas of her own. It has been suggested that she was involved in the assassination of her predecessor Deputy President Yanayev. Her term as Deputy President lasted only eight months before two days before her 30th birthday President Gorbachev died in his sleep allowing Tymoshenko to inherit the Presidency. Following her assumption of office on December 14th 1990 Tymoshenko announced that the USSR would be "democratised". On January 1st 1991 the Communist Party was disbanded, and the USSR renamed the United States of Russia (SSR), a new constitution was adopted and Tymoshenko was officially sworn in as President of the SSR. Yulia Tymoshenko then established diplomatic relations with the USA and became a key ally. Her Russian National Party won the 1991 Presidential election by a large Majority. In February 1996 however Yulia divorced her husband after he apparently tried to make crucial diplomatic decisions for her and changed her name to the much more western name Elektra. Elektra won the 1997 Presidential election by a huge Majority. However, in 2002 the 02/02/02 coup happened, on February 2nd 2002 Elektra abolished the Russian Parliament and assumed emergency powers. On February 14th Elektra proclaimed herself Hozyaĭka (Hostess) of the Russian Peoples. She abolished all other political parties except her National Party. This caused international outcry, the USA removed its embassy and Japan condemned Elektra for her moves. She set up the E-Guards (Elektra Guards) a compolsery female paramilitary force with which she could assert power over the country.

Konnie Huq

Konnie was born in 1975 in Hammersmith, London to Bangladeshi parents who had immigrated in the mid 1960's. She had a casual middle class upbringing and graduated from Birmingham University in 1994 with a degree in Technology and fashion Studies. She got a job as a junior designer for KokiLondon in 1995 and by 1997 had risen to Managing director of KokiLondon. However in 1998 the now Millionaire Huq set up her own company, EarPeace. When it was set up EarPeace employed only 1200 people, by 2000 that number was nearer 30,000 and Konnie was the 3rd Richest British Citizen.

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