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This is for the alternative history of The Ashes of Rome (Map Game).


The user Knoxmoor joined the wiki on the 11th July 2015 and made his first edit on his own user page. He then played Battle of Britain (Map Game) as Germany for a while and then on the 26th July 2015 he created the page 'The Ashes of Rome (Map Game) which would become one of the most longest running games the wiki had ever seen. Shortly after, on the 1st August 2015, with ten players, the game officially began.

1st August 2015-19th September 2015

Everything went the same in the game except from the Persian Empire defeating the Byzantine Empire in 570 and then started to stabilised and become rich and powerful (with the power running from Eastern Europe all the way to India). They also established a client state called 'Egypt' which would expand in Africa. The Persian Empire was also peaceful with all European nations so trade can start, especially with the Goths.

Then the Caliphate came along in Arabia (in this game AH28 still plays Persia so Bozi takes the nation), who signs an alliance with Persia, in exchange of not attacking Persia, Persia let Caliphate troops through Egypt. The Caliphate would eventually go to war Goths and Persia would stay neutral in it. The Ghanian Death also started, as what happened in the game, which the Goths, as same what happened in the game, used biological warfare against the Caliphate which was successful. Persia was alert another to close most of there trading with Africa and Europe immediately to prevent it spreading into the east and into the country. This is successful and relationships between the Caliphate and Persia would worsen.

In this time the game suffered a few 'deaths' with Knoxmoor being inactive for a while from time to time, but the biggest one started in mid-September when Knoxmoor when missing after a few days. In the OTL a potential mod decision took place on the talk page where Lombady (Genesra) and the Caliphate (AH28 in this game) would talk about tactics and a potential mod 'takeover'. In this ATL Bozi and Genesra would talk about tactics while AH28 talks about an 'adoption' like Afunnymouth did. This would cause Knoxmoor thinking that AH28 was sensible and would choose him to do the maps (In this ATL AH28 can do maps). The game would resume for normal for roughly 2 weeks.

19th September 2015-Early October 2015

Now, in this ATL, Afunnymouth did the turns, AH28 did the maps and Genersa supervised. This would work well (even better than the OTL) and would ensure that the game would last a lot long than it actually did.

Rest of 2015

Early 2016 and Reform

Ideas for Future

These are some ideas for what will happen in the future of the map game.

  • Knoxmoor returns for a little bit.
  • The game would eventually be terminated in September and would be replaced by a different, much better game.

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