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This page talks about the dates of alternative history in 90s.

  • 11th February 1990 - Mandela is liberated of prison.
  • 17th May 1990 - Homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Diseases by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • 28th August 1990 - Iraq fails to invade Kuwait.
  • 3rd October 1990 - Communist Germany invades Capitalist Germany.
  • 17th January 1991 - The Golf War starts when Iraq tries to invade Kuwait again, USSR declares war on Iraq, George H.W Bush says that USA don´t go fight in the Iraq, for political reasons.
  • 9th April 1991 - Alaska declares independence.
  • 20th August 1991 - Hawaii declares independence.
  • 21st August 1991 - California declares independence, due to a Communist revolution.
  • 24th August 1991 - Florida and Maine declares independence, due to a Communist revolution.
  • 25th August 1991 - Texas declares independence.
  • 30th August 1991 - Arizona declares independence, on 1st September New Mexico joins Arizona.
  • 31st August 1991 - Caroline and Dakota declares independence.
  • 8th September 1991 - Yugoslavian War starts, USSR helps Yugoslavia.
  • 9th September 1991 - Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut declares independence.
  • 21st September 1991 - New Jersey and Delaware declares independence.
  • 8th October 1991 - The Yugoslavian War finish with the Communist victory, the only independent state is Macedonia.
  • 27th October 1991 - Maryland and Louisiana declares independence, due to Communist revolts.
  • 26th November 1991 - Multiple Communist revolutions starts in Europe, so Communist Germany and USSR forms the Communist European Community (The four founders join: Yugoslavia, USSR, Communist Germany and Albania.)
  • 28th November 1991 - Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Belgium joins in CEC.
  • 16th December 1991 - New York declares independence and Netherlands, Ireland, Greece and Romania join CEC.
  • 20th December 1991 - Czechoslovakia, Poland and Sweden joins CEC.
  • 25th December 1991 - George H.W Bush resigns, due to the crash of USA.
  • 31st December 1991 - USA doesn't exist.
  • 6th January 1992 - In Hawaii, the president is deposed and a democratic government is set in 18th January 1992.
  • 4th February 1992 - Chávez takes Venezuela and shape a Communist state until 2014.
  • 7th February 1992 - The CEC signs the treaty of Dublin and the European Communist Union is formed.
  • 1st March 1992 - Queensland and Bafin declares independence by referendum.
  • 5th May 1992 - Canada crashes when Ramon John Hnatyshyn resigns.
  • 22nd May 1992 - Tasmania declares independence.
  • 22nd July 1992 - Mozambican Civil War ends.
  • 23rd July 1992 - Macau and Hong Kong declares independence, but don't join with China.
  • 3rd November 1992 - Australia crashes when Bill Hayden resigns.
  • 21st December 1992 - CEC creates a economic zone for every member.
  • 1st January 1993 - Galicia goes to Portugal by a treaty (Treaty of Porto).
  • 25th February 1993 - South Korea declares war on North Korea, the Second Korean war happened.
  • 24th May 1993 - Eritrea declares independence.
  • 27th June 1993 - Soviet missiles are launched a lot in Iraq.
  • 18th July 1993 - The Japanese Communist Party wins the elections and abolishes all opposite parties, the imperador abdicates.
  • 31st July 1993 - The 2nd Korean War finish, South Korea lose the war. North Korea unifies the Korean peninsula and changes its name to Popular Republic of Korea.
  • 12th August 1993 - The 2nd Yugoslavian war starts for the independence of Bosnia, the Bosnian leader threat Yugoslavia: If Yugoslavia doesn´t give us independence ... I declare war on Yugoslavia!
  • 19th September 1993 - The Communist Party in Poland wins the elections and abolishes all opposition parties. The president of Poland abdicated.
  • 3rd October 1993 - The War of Independence of Somaliland starts when Somaliland declares independence, the Somalian government doesn´t recognize the independence and declares war. The USSR, who were in Somalia since 1992, helps Somaliland and puts a Communist government in the same country. This war lasts until 1995, when the Somalis surrendered.
  • 19th October 1993 - The Pakistani National Party wins the elections and abolish the other parties, Pakistan, until 2000 is the only Fascist republic, India and USSR undermine attention in Pakistan until 1999.
  • 25th October 1993 - In Quebec, the Liberalists wins the elections and forms an democratic government.
  • 1st November 1993 - CEC is finally recognized by all states of the world (Communist).
  • 14th December 1993 - In USSR, many revolts causes the independence of Baltica, but in 1994 Baltica runs to the Communist ideology.
  • 19th December 1993 - The 2nd Yugoslavian War ends, Bosnia loses the war and Yugoslavia stays intact.
  • 24th/25th December 1993 - The Separatist Christmas. Many countries declare independence. In Mexico, Baja California declares independence, in Brazil, Amazonas declares independence and in France, Brittany, Normandy and Alsace declare independence.
  • 31st December 1993 - Brazil crashes.
  • 2nd January 1994 - Fascist Pakistan and democratic India start negotiations because of the Caxemira Conflict, the negotiations finished on 4th January and both countries split Caxemira.
  • 18th January 1994 - Battle of Laascaanood, the only Somalian victory on the War of Independence of Somaliland. The Soviets and Somalis are pulled back of Somali territory.
  • 1st February 1994 - With negotiations from UK, Northern Ireland goes to Ireland. Many Irish people celebrate.
  • 9th February 1994 - End of Apartheid, with Mandela president, but some supporters of Apartheid will try to put the Apartheid government three times in 1995, 1999 and 2000.
  • 16th February 1994 - Macedonia and Greece in war.
  • 1st March 1994 - A coup in Switzerland forms a Communist republic.
  • 4th March 1994 - Switzerland annexes Liechtenstein.
  • 7th March 1994 - Switzerland joins CEC.
  • 8th March 1994 - In Algeria, the Communist movements supported by CEC are successful and Algeria turns to a Communist state.
  • 22nd March 1994 - The Neo-Nazi movement spreads throughout Communist Germany, but the CEC rebukes that movement.
  • 10th April 1994 - USSR give independence to Ukraine.
  • 11th April 1994 - Ukraine and Baltica joins CEC.
  • 3rd May 1994 - In Haiti, the Communist overthrow the president and put a Communist government.
  • 6th May 1994 - East-Timor declares independence with help of CEC.
  • 10th May 1994 - Battle of Gaalkacyo, the Somalians loss the war and are pushed to Mogadishu.
  • 1st October 1994 - Palau´s independence.
  • 11th December 1994 - Chechnya declares independence.
  • 14th December 1994 - Chechnya and San Marino joins CEC.

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