Welcome to the portal page for Alternate WWII. In this ATL we explore the possibility of how WWII could have had turned out differently if the UK didn't commit to the Battle of Somme and what if the French Army rebelled and went communist. Well this is their story.

Note:This timeline is collaborative and LIVE and will be updated as events unfold.


OK, Ratc told me to write the introduction, as he has no idea. Here goes nothing:

The POD is that the British generals in WWI don't want to commit to a major battle, as it will not aid them. As such, the French Mutiny at Verdun, and the Military takes over the Country, before it descends into General Anarchy. As with Russia, France ends hostilities with Germany. After a few Years, a nation rose from the Ashes of France. It's name? The People's Republic of France.

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