iAll of history up until the end of the Seven Years war is exactly the same, aside from a few anomalies that allow these alternative events to transpire.

Treaty of Paris

The French surrender during the same time as they did in the legitimate timeline, However, France is able to hold onto Quebec although they lose all of their other holdings. Britain also claims the rest of the continent from the French while Spain takes France's Island Possessions.

Westward Expansion

British troops begin moving westward as Pontiac rebels against the upward expansion of British colonists up the Mississippi. The fighting is on and off for several years and in 1779 Pontiac and 300 of his Braves are massacred near the fort of Detroit. Ten thousand British convicts and debtors are sent into Louisiana to cultivate the land

Acts of Defiance

During the mid 1760s Britain imposes taxes on many items including tea, paper, glass, etc. This large comprehensive tax legislation is known as the War Tax, and the navigation acts are enforced to a high degree, over 200 smugglers are executed in the public squares of cities including Boston, Norfolk, Dover, and Beaufort. On March 7th 1770 Bostonians protesting against heavy taxes become engaged in conflict with British troops. The British open fire and over 30 Bostonians are killed. Crispus Attucks survives the attack and sets up a group consisting of 18 free blacks, 20 former criminals and 30 Bostonian citizens. British troops lock down the entire city and the entire colony of Massachusetts suffers under the Insurgency Act, which has essentially turned the state into a police state governed by Thomas Gage.

Boston Riot

In 1773, Samuel Adams and his men, along with Crispus Attucks militia, burn dozens of tea carrying ships in the Boston Harbor. British troops open fire and over 70 colonists are killed, along with 50 British. Revolutionaries set fire to the entire city, destroying it completely most of the population escapes but 100 die in the fires.

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