This is the first alternate nations game!

How to play:

Add a nation to the map, add your nation to the key, then fill this out under your map.

Nation Name: Roman Empire

Capital: Rome

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: Emperor Alexander IV

Date of Founding: 27 B.C.

Major Religions: Roman Catholic

Major Ethnic Groups: Roman

Other Rules:

1.Don't make nations too big.

2. Don't make completely real nations.

3. Make nations somewhat plausible.

4. If you don't make a map, your turn will be deleted or moved to the end.

Drawing maps

1. Please use black to border your nation, unless it borders a river or sea.

2. Please use the 'fill' function to colour, rather than paint over.

3. Please maintain the original file size. This avoids blurring pixels and makes drawing new maps easier.

Turn 1

Nation Name: Confederacy of the Baltic

Capital: Helsinki

Government Type: Socialist Republic

Leader: Premier Ivan Kuosmanen

Date of Founding:1844

Major Religions: Orthodox, Judaism

Major Ethnic Groups: Finnish, Swedish, Zulu, Philippine, Indonesian


Turn 2

Nation Name: Pharaohdom of Aeden

Capital: Jericho

Government Type: Absolute Theocracy

Leader: Pharaoh Yesus XII

Date of Founding: Antiquity

Major Religions: Tawy-Abramic

Major Ethnic Groups: Egyptian, Hebrew, Nubian, Greek, Arab

Turn 3

Nation Name: Chinese Federation

Capital: Beijing

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Leader: Emperor Chi Mankao/ President Lao-Si Mung

Date of Founding: 1842

Major Religions: Buddhism, Hinduism

Major Ethnic Groups: Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian

Turn 4

Nation Name: United Duchies of Italy

Capital: Florence

Government Type: Federal Monarchy

Leader: Duce Vittorio Filiberto I

Date of Founding: 1543

Major Religions: Christianity, Greek


Major Ethnic Groups: Italian, Hispanic, East African, Mestizo, Quimbaya, Hindi

Turn 5


Nation Name: Gaelic League

Capital: Somme

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Leader: Robert de Gaul

Date of Founding:1789

Major Religions: Celtic Religions, Calvinist

Major Ethnic Groups: Gaelic, Gaul, Frisian

Turn 6


Nation Name: Empire of Japan

Capital: Tokyo

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: Empire Kazu Dai'Ichi the IV

Date of Founding: 1567

Major Religions: Buddhism, Shinto

Major Ethnic Groups: Japanese, Russian, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Papuan

Turn 7

Nation Name: Gulf Coast

Capital: Kuwait

Government Type: Plutocracy

Leader: Sheikh Abd al-Malik

Date of Founding: 1888

Major Religions: Tawy-Abramic, Islam, Judaism

Major Ethnic Groups: Arab, Jewish

Turn 8

Cascadian Federation

Capital: Chu'ko

Government type: Democratic Federation

Date of Founding: 1824

Major religions: Confucianism, Shamanism. Shintoism

Major ethnic groups: Korean, Japanese, Jurgen, Turkic


Turn 9

Empire of Iowa

Capital: Des Moines

Government Type: Empire


Date of Founding: 2009

Leader: Tom Harkin

Major Religions: Catholicism, Protestantism

Major Ethnic Group: French-American

Turn 10


Commonwealth Federation (I changed the map 'cause it was hard to use).

Capital: London, New Delhi, Boston

Government type: Democratic Federation

Date of Founding: 1777

Major Religions: Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam

Major Ethnic Groups: White, African, Indian, Middle Eastern.

Turn 11

Order-State of Prussia


Capital: Königsberg

Government Type: Theocratic Stratocracy

Date of Founding: 1224

Major Religions: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Lutheran

Major Ethnic Groups: German, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian

Turn 12


Confederacy of Central America (Colloquially known as the Filibuster Empire)

Capital: Managua

Government Type: Military Dictatorship, Confederacy, Racial Stratification

Leader: President William Walker III

Date of Founding:1855

Major Religions: Christianity

Major Ethnic Groups: White ruling class, Hispanic majority, Black slave underclass

Turn 13


Nation Name: Rastan Federation

Capital: Havana

Government Type: Federation

Leader: President Nesta Robert Marley

Date of Founding:1934

Major Religions: Rastafarian, Catholic, Protestant

Major Ethnic Groups: African, Ethiopian, Hispanic

Turn 14


Nation Name: Republic of Assiniboia

Capital: Winnipeg

Government Type: Republic

Leader: President Gary Doer

Date of Founding: 1877

Major Religions: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Native Traditions

Major Ethnic Groups: Caucasian, Metis, Native-American

Turn 15

National Name: Republic Of Florida

Capital: Tampa

Government Type: Republic

Leader: President Brenda Taylor

Date of Founding: 2009

Major Religions: Catholicism, Protestantism.

Major Ethnic: Caucasian, Native-American, African American.

Turn 16

National Name: Iberian Empire

Capital: Madrid

Government Type: Empire

Leader: Emperor Juan Carlos

Date of Founding: 1809

Major Religions: Catholicism.

Major Ethnic: Caucasian, Native-American, African American, Hispanic.

Turn 17

Name: The Thing of Bitterroot

Capital : Nya Malmö

Government Type: Direct Democracy

Leader: Kristin Valeras

Date of Founding: 1833

Major Religions: Calvinism, Orthodoxy, Shinto

Major ethnic groups: Scandinavian, Balt, Asian, Native


Turn 18

Name: United Republics of Pacifica


Capital: San Francisco

Government Type: Socialist Democracy

Leader: Viceroy P. Konner Riley

Date of Founding: 1900

Major Religions: Agnostic, Atheist, Catholic, Jewish

Major Ethnic groups: Caucasian, Native American, Mexican, Hebrew, Southeast Asian ==Turn 19

Turn 19

Name: Hanseatic Republic

Capital: Lübeck

Government Type: Federal Republic

Date of Founding 1537

Major Ethnic Groups: German

Major Religions: Catholic, Lutheran

Turn 20

Nation Name: Republic of Pontus

Capital: Trebizon

Government Type: Socialist Republic

Leader: Antipatros Leontiades

Date of Founding: 1921

Major Religions: Orthodox, Muslim Sunni

Major Ethnic Groups: Pontians, Turks, Armenians,Kurds, Georgians, Russians, Roma,


Turn 21

Nation Name: Aegean Alliance
Aegean Alliance

Capital: Byzantium

Government Type: Federal Republic

Leader: Atreus Lefteris

Date of Founding: 1785

Major Religions: Orthodox Christian

Major Ethnic Groups: Greek

Turn 22


Nation Name: Czech Imperium

Capital: Prague

Government Type: Empire

Leader: Mirek Alexandr III

Date of Founding:1675

Major Religions: Orthodox, Protestant

Major Ethnic Groups: Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian, South American Natives, Burman

Turn 23

Nation Name: Grand Nazca
Nations Creator

Capital: Nazcapolis

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Leader: Quana Qwcha Ch'nolo (Prime Minister)

Date of Founding:1189

Major Religions: Andean, Catholic, Protestant.

Major Ethnic Groups: South American Natives, Czech Minority

Turn 24

Nation Name: Grand Duchy of Muscovy
Nations Creator2

Capital: Moscow

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: Czar Peter II

Date of Founding:1283

Major Religions: Eastern Orthodox

Major Ethnic Groups: Russians, Ukrainians

Turn 25

Nation Name: Persia
Nations Creator3

Capital: Ctesiphon

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: Caliph Omar XXIV

Date of Founding: 703

Major Religions: Islam, Judaism

Major Ethnic Groups: Persians, Arabs, Turks, Jews

Turn 26

Nation Name: Siberian Khanate
Nations Creator4

Capital: Novosibirsk

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: Khan Kublai IV

Date of Founding: 1206

Major Religions: Islam, Taoism, Eastern Orthodox

Major Ethnic Groups: Mongolians, Russians, Chinese, Japanese

Turn 27

Nation Name: Viking Empire

Capital: Oslo Government: Imperial Order

Leader: Beigarth Ivar IX

Date Of Founding: 810

Major Religion: Nordic Christian (A mix of Christian and Viking pagan beliefs if you are wondering)

Major Ethnic Groups: Nordic, Baltic,

Viking Empire

Turn 28

Empire of Brazil

Nation Name: Empire of Brazil

Capital: Rio de Janeiro

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Leader: King Luis I

Date of Founding: 1822

Major Religion: Roman Catholicism

Major Ethnic Groups: Portuguese

Turn 29

Nation Name: Arabian Caliphate

Capital: Mecca

Government: Constitutional Islamic Monarchy

Leader: Caliph Muhammad IV

Date Of Founding: 750
Arabian Caliphate

Major Religion: Islam

Major Ethnic Groups: Arabian

Turn 30

Alernate nations- Oberlicht

On August 19 I found Oberlicht's creator had not made a map change so I created my view of what he was probably thinking of.

Name: Oberlicht.

Capital: Greater Berlin.

Government: A Nazi style dictatorship.

Leader: Adioned Hychel.

Date of founding:1928.

Major Religion: Judaism and Christianity.

Major Ethnic groups: Germanic and English, plus a few Polish and Jews.

Turn 31

Nation Name: Kingdom of Euro-Libya

Alternate Nations Brasil1


Capital: Benghazi

Government Type: Absolute Kingdom

Leader: President Gay M. Dibbel

Date of Founding: 878

Major Religions: Libyan, Yugoslavian

Major Ethnic Groups: Arabian, Italian

Turn 32

Nation Name: Mughal Empire

Capital: Delhi

Government Type:
Absolute Monarchy

Leader: Mughal Emperor Akbar

Date of founding: 1526

Major Religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism

Major Ethnic Groups: Indians, Persians, Chinese, Tibetan

Turn 33

800px-Great Plains

It's very blurry because the previous user saved it as a JPG.

Nation Name: Great Plains

Capital: Sioux City

Government Type: Republic

Leader: Tim Pawlenty

Date of Founding: 1990

Major Religions: Christianity

Major Ethnic Groups: Great Plains Indians, Caucasians, African Plainers, Hispanic Plainers

Turn 34

Alternate Nations Greater Chlie mk2

August 20th. Completed the state of Greater Chile after 2 days and added the unclaimed South Pole.

Nation: Republic of Greater Chile, Easter Island and the Galapagos Islands.

Capital: Santiago de Chile.

Government: Military dictatorship.

Leader: Gen. Juan V. Aznar (President).

Date of founding: 1st July, 1978. (Military coup day)

Major Religions: Roman Catholic, plus some Protestants, Jewish and local native religions.

Major Ethnic Groups: Spanish, Mapuche and Huilliche natives, plus a small German and Yiddish minorities. No one lives on the Piloto Pardo Islands, Elephant Island or Juan De Fernandez Island dependencies.

National sport(s): Soccer.

Greater Chile's religions
Roman Catholic. 91.0%.
Protestant. 6.0%.
Native religions. 2.0%.
Jewish. 1.0%.
Greater Chile's Ethic Groups
Spanish. 66.5%.
Mapuche. 12.0%.
Huilliche. 8.0%.
German. 4.5%.
Yiddish. 4.5%.
Mestizo. 2.0%.
Guarani. 1.0%.
Pehuenches. 1.0%.
Czech. 0.5%.

Turn 35

Alternate Nations Poland

ATL Greater Poland

Nation Name: Greater Poland

Capital: Poznan

Government Type: Communist republic

Leader: Igor Sovawalski

Date of Founding: 1945

Major Religions: Christian and some Jewish minorities

Major Ethnic groups: 70% Polish, 20% Byelorussian, 5% Ukrainian, 3% Jewish, 1% German and 1% Russian. Black African and Arab colonial minorities.

Official Languages: Standard dialect Polish, Kubushan dialect Polish, Byelorussian, Silezian, German, Yiddish and Ukrainian.

National sport: Football and darts.

Turn 36

Denmark (Alternate Nations)

Nation Name: Empire of Denmark

Capital: København

Government Type: Imperial Republic

Leader: Koichirō Jørgensen

Date of Founding: 1580CE

Major Religions: Norse mythology

Major Ethnic Groups: Danish, Japanese, African

Official Languages: Danish, Japanese.

Turn 37

Antarctica (Alternate Nations)

Nation Name: Empire of Antarctica

Capital: Swinteral

Government Type: Democratic Republic

Leader: Kaian Guipang

Date of Founding: 1660CE

Major Religions: Buddhism, Lartiaism

Major Ethnic Groups: Antarctica

Official Languages: English, Antarctican

Antarctica will have a war with Japan after 1 turn.

Turn 38

Moorish empier (Alternate Nations)

The Moorish Empire.

Nation Name: Moorish empire

Capital: Niamey

Government Type: Absolute Emirate

Leader: Emir Abdulah Mohamed Brigi Ali Bin-Abulah

Date of Founding: 1667CE

Major Religions: Sunni Islam, Animists and Christians

Major Ethnic Groups: Maure (Moor), Hausa, Wolouf, Faluni, Fulfulde, Mossi, Fula, Mandinka, Spanish, Portuguese, Tuareg, Tombu, Arabs and Berber. Kamar and Comoran colonial minorities.

Official Languages: Hayassa Arabic, Maure (Moor), Hausa, Wolouf, Faluni, Fula, Fulfulde, Dioula, Bambara.

Motto: "One people, one land, one faith, one goal. "

Turn 39

1000px-Central africa (Alternate Nations)

Central-African Empire

Nation Name: Central-African Empire

Capital: Kananga

Government Type: Imperial Autocracy

Leader: Emperor Aboye Onyejekwe

Date of Founding: 1947AD

Major Religions: Christianity (92%), Islam (6%), Others (2%)

Major Ethnic Groups: Azande, Ngala, Mongo, Kuba, Luba, Lunda (87%) Western People (13%)

Official Languages: French, English, Portuguese

Motto: "For the Land, For the Blood, For the Empire!"

Turn 40

Ankor Wat (Alternate Nations)

Ankor Wat.

Nation Name: The Kingdom of Ankor Wat

Capital: Ankor Wat

Government Type: Imperial Autocracy

Leader: King Nonrandom Chan Sen

Date of Founding: 1946AD

Major Religions: Buddhist (98%), Others (2%)

Major Ethnic Groups: Khamar (65%), Thai (10%), Lao 7%, Malay (5%) Mon, Viet 2.5%, Chinese 0.5% and Western European People (10%)

Official Languages: Khamar, Thai French, English, Portuguese and Chinese

Motto: "We love Ankor Wat!"

Turn 41

Been quite a bit of time since the last update, but I saw this wonderful spot and had to do it.

File:Oranje (Alternate Nations).png

Nation Name: Oranje Republic

Capital: Bloemfontein

Government Type: Republic

Leader: President Joost Meeuwe

Date of Founding: 1854AD/CE

Major Religions: Dutch Reformed, African Religions

Major Ethnic Groups: Dutch, English, Sotho, Zulu

Turn 42

Pacific Federal Empire ANG

Pacific Federal Empire.

Nation Name: Pacific Federal Empire

Capital: Suva

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: King Steven Nailatikau

Date of Founding: 1,115 AD

Major Religions: Catholic and 7th Day Adventist

Major Ethnic Groups: Polynesians 45%, Melanesian 35%, Hawaiian 10%, Micronesian 9% and Maori 1%.

Official languages- Maori, Tahitian, Hawaiian, Fijian and Samoan

Turn 43

File:Pastunistan ANG.png

Nation Name: Pashtunistan

Capital: Kabul

Government Type: Islamic Emirate

Leader: Imman Nuri Hassan

Date of Founding: 2005 AD

Major Religions: Sunni Islam

Major Ethnic Groups: Pushtu 45%, Tadzhik 35%, Uzbek 10% and Hazara 10%.

Official language: Pushtu and Tadzhik

Currency:Multan Dinar

Motto: Aul'alla Akbar!

Turn 44 

File:Multan ANG.png

Nation Name: Emirate of Multan

Capital: Sargodha

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: King Ibn-Benzi Hada the Great

Date of Founding: 1951 AD

Major Religions: Islam (98%) Hindu (1%) Buddhist (0.6%) Others (0.4%)

Major Ethnic Groups: Punjabi, Sindhi, Shina (45%) Pushtu (15%), Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthani (10%), Jammuri, Kashmiri (10%), Baluch (10%), Persian 5%, Turkman (3%) Kazakh, Afghani (1%) Other (1%)

Official Languages: Urdu, Punjabi

Currency:Multan Dinar

Motto: For the glory of Islam!

Turn 45

Indian Ocean Federation ANG

Indian Ocean Federation.

Nation Name: Indian Ocean Alliance

Capital: Port Louis

Government Type: Federal Republic

Leader: Peter Bhutalazi

Date of Founding: 1952 AD

Major Religions: Christian 66%, Islam 33% and others 1%

Major Ethnic Groups: Blacks 33%, Malagasy 25%, Asian 25%, Mixed bloods 15% and Arabs 2%.

Official Languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Comoros, Swahili and Malagasy

Motto: Unity!

Currency: Indian Ocean Pound

Turn 46

Colcis ANG


Nation Name: Kingdom of Colcis

Capital: Batumi

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: King Andros Daskavili

Date of Founding: 2,750 BC

Major Religions: Georgian Orthodox

Major Ethnic Groups: Georgians 65%, Legenzi 25%, Greeks 5% and Armenians 5%

Official language Georgian and Greek

Motto: Colcis is awesome!

Currency: Colcis Dinar

Turn 47

Clydesdale ANG

Clydesdale SSR.

Nation Name: Clydesdale SSR

Capital: Glasgow

Government Type: Socialist Republic

Leader: President-Comrade Hamish McTaggart

Date of Founding: 1927 AD

Major Religions: Presbyterian 66%, irreligious 33% and Atheist 1%

Major Ethnic Groups: Scots 65%, English 15%, Irish 15% and Welsh 5%

Official language Glaswegian Scots, English, Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic

Motto: Let's build some ships, lads!

Currency: Scottish Pound

Turn 48

Kasas ANG

The Federation of Kansas.

Nation Name: Federation of Kansas and Arkansas

Capital: Kansas City

Government Type: Federal Republic

Leader: President John David Forbes

Date of Founding: 1775 BC

Major Religions: Baptist

Major Ethnic Groups: White 65%, Amerindians 25% and Blacks 10%

Official language American English, Spanish, French and Comanche

Motto: We love wheat!

Currency: Kansas Dollar

The end

All grey land is claimed, so the game is done.