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Alternate History is a relatively unknown genre. It became more popular in the early 2000's, but many are still unaware.

The Kingdom Lives

This timeline explores a world where the Kingdom of Italy did not do the ZXM program, which was a major factor against it in the Italian War and what pushed many nations against them. The Kingdom of Italy would win the war and after a different World War III turns into a superpower with many places in Europe their vassals.  Their allies would expand to be powerful nations with Scandinavia becoming a world class nation and Bosnia uniting the Balkans. Wu would come to unite the OTL China and Mongolia.

Vassals and Protectorates of the Kingdom of Italy

Savoy France

Savoy France
Flag of Savoy France
Flag of
King Jean-Pierre I

(Emmanuel Filiberto)

  Royal house: House of Savoy
Savoy France Is a nation that is governed by the Italian King but has a different government. It was founded after WWIII when all the occupied territories of the Kingdom of Italy merged. It maintains great relations with its parent state the Kingdom of Italy. It is known for its great culture and food. The nation is governed by an ambassador, a President and a king.

Savoy Russia

Protectorate of Tunisia

Protectorate of Tunisia
Numidia flag by Vitaly Vetash No coa
Flag Coat of Arms




The logo of the Althistory Wiki, a major alternative history wiki on UniversaWiki.

The American Confederation website, UniversaWiki has recently become a hub for alternative history discussions and timelines. On UniversaWiki, several related genres have spawned from alternative history, such as speculative future history.

Map Games

Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)


Dead Not Rising

The American Confederation's major contribution to alternative history is the book: "Dead Not Rising." It details the history of the world from 1968 to 2068 if the Zombies remained a figment of imagination. In the story, the USSR breaks up suddenly, America becomes the sole world power, the rise of capitalism in Asia, the information revolution, deterioration of the environment, oil crisis, and eventually America fragmenting into nation-states. The book, however popular, has come under a lot of criticism, with a critic calling it "as implausible as when Alice stepped through the looking-glass."

Through a Glass, Darkly

The Union of Afrikaans and Netherlands had a huge hit in the genre. As the name suggests, the book is a mixture of Star Trek and alternate history. It is official or "canon" history for the Mirror Universe in Star Trek in South Africa. The book details the alternate history of the Universe. The major divergence takes place when the Dutch find their identity earlier with a certain explorer named Christopher Columbus sailing to Europe in Holland's name. This discovery goes on to unite the nation much quicker as they fight against the Spanish, and when the Dutch crown is offered to Elizabeth I, she doesn't refuse. From there on, the Anglo-Dutch go on to invade the HRE (excluding Austria) in a bloody war and incorporate it into the empire. The only thing standing in their path is the Hapsburgs, who unite under one banner. Eventually, the colonising buzz takes over, and the Anglo-Dutch colonise all of the Americas as they defeat the Hapsburgs on the two continents. When the modern era arrives, genocides are committed. Three quarters of all Slavs are wiped out, and hundreds of thousands of blacks are murdered by the Hapsburgs. The 

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