This page explores different routes taken by OTL persons due to the Butterfly Effect in the Ben's Dream timeline.



Alec Baldwin

(1958-) Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin, III (W-Long Island) served as Speaker of the Grand Council from 2001 to 2004. His tenure as Speaker was brief due to a campaign promise to serve only one term in the position before rejoining the ranks of his fellow MC's. Considered one of the most liberal Speakers in American History, Baldwin enjoyed immense support from liberal Whigs, seeking reforms in the area of healthcare, transportation, and other social programs.
Alec Baldwin 2, 2010

Fmr. Speaker Alec Baldwin

Tony Blair

(1953-) Anthony Charles Lynton "Tony" Blair is British actor famous for his portrayal of The Doctor in the famed Doctor Who science fiction television series.
Tony Blair Bens Dream

Tony Blair

William F. Buckley

(1925-2008) William Frank Buckley, Jr. (L-Litchfield), founder of the Liberty Party, served as Speaker of the Grand Council between 1963 and 1972. In 1961, Buckley formed the Liberty Party from right-leaning members of the Whig Party (Ben's Dream) and members of the former Union Party, which had collapsed after the death of Winston Churchill. Buckley's conservative views became the basis for official Liberty Party policy.

Fmr. Speaker William F. Buckley



Fmr. Speaker Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

(1874-1960) Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was Speaker of the Grand Council, and the final leader of the Union Party. His skilled diplomatic skills as well as his able leadership during the Great War has earned him a much respected place in the annals of world history. His ability to maintain a coalition government during the course of his party's disintegration has been matched by none. As long as he lived, he kept the left-leaning and conservative elements of his party together. However, his party collapsed shortly after his death in 1960, of which the remaining factions became the Liberty Party and the shortly lived Center Party



Elizabeth II

(1926-) Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the reigning constitution monarch of the United Imperial Commonwealth. Her realms include theGreat Britain Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, Union of North America, South Africa,  Australia, New Zealand, India, South China, and several other smaller nations.
210px-Elizabeth I of Oceania

HM Elizabeth II


Carly Fuller

(1954-) Cara Carleton Sneed "Carly" Fuller (W-San Jose) leads the Whig Party opposition in the Grand Council. She is the first woman to lead the Whig Party in the Grand Council. She served as Minister of Public Welfare and Minister of State during the Baldwin and Layton ministries respectively. Fuller won a difficult leadership race against Paul Krugman (W-Albany), former Minister of Finance and Revenue under Layton.
Carly Fiorina whig campaign 001

RH Carly Fuller

Patrick Henry official portrait

Fmr. Speaker Patrick Henry

Elbridge Gerry

(1744-1814) Elbridge Thomas Gerry served as Speaker of the Grand Council   from 1786 to 1792, and from 1795 to 1798. He became the first leader of the newly formed Whig Party. He became the politi

Fmr. Speaker Elbridge Gerry

cal rival of Alexander Hamilton and John Marshall, both Union Party leaders, during the Formative Period of American politics. Gerry, as well as his friend and colleague Thomas Jefferson, put into motion the Philadelphia Resolves with the passage of the Devolution Act in 1788, which restricted the amount of taxes and other services that could be derived from the provinces by the union government.


John Hancock

(1737-96) John Hancock of Massachusetts served as Speaker of the Grand Council from 1774 to 1780. He pushed for greater autonomy from Great Britain while strengthening the powers of the Union government. His election as Speaker was the result of partisan vote between pro-Hancock factions (which would later become the Union Party) and the pro-Hutchinson faction.
John Hancock official portrait

Fmr. Speaker John Hancock

Patrick Henry

(1736-96) Patrick Henry of Virginia served as Speaker of the Grand Council between 1780 and 1786. Although he led the Council as a member of the Union Party , his advocacy for greater autonomy for the separate colonies and provinces put him at odds with others in his party, especially from the New England provinces. Henry, along with other like-minded CM's, drafted the Philadelphia Resolves, which became the outline for the future Whig Party, which his followers later formed.

Jon Huntsman, Jr..

(1960-) Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr. (L-Salt Lake City) is current Minister of State in the Santorum Ministry.
411px-Jon Huntsman by Gage Skidmore

RH Minister Jon Huntsman, Jr.






David MacDonald
David MacDonald (Tennant)

RH David MacDonald

(1971-) David John MacDonald (Lab-West Lothian) leads leads the Labour Party in the British Parliament.

John Marshall




William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham

William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham by Richard Brompton cropped cropped

William Pitt, Earl of Chatham

(1708-78) William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, was a Whig statesman who lead the Great Britain through the Seven Years War. His policies of expansion and a proactive foreign policy have earned him the title "Father of the British Empire."

His love and support for the American people culminated in the passage of the North American Union and Self-Governance Act of 1762 before his resignation that year. In gratitude to Pitt's efforts for American autonomy, many towns, counties, and even a province are named after him.





Alex Trebek

(1940-) George Alexander Trebek (L-Sudbury) serves as Majority Leader in the Santorum Ministry. Trebek was elected to the Council in 1989 as a member of the Liberty Party, and rose through the ranks during the Gingrich years, and was elected leader during the Baldwin government . However, he declined to run for run for reelection as leader in 2003, and was succeeded by Stephen Harper. Trebek has gained the position of Majority Leader by being promoted from Majority Whip after the election of Richard Santorum to the speakership in 2010.
Alex Trebek 2009

Alex Trebek







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