The attacks on September 11, 2001 were carried out by al Qaeda using four hijacked airliners. Two were crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon, and the fourth was aimed at the White House or Capitol Hill, but was crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. However, the original plan called for ten planes instead of four, and for the attacks to also be on the West Coast. Let's assume they did manage to hijack ten planes. What would they be crashed into?

The Attacks (All times EDT)

New York City

American Airlines Flight 11 was crashed into the North Tower at 8:46:40 AM, as in the OTL. It hit at the exact same location as the OTL, cutting off all stairwells and destroying the elevator shafts.

Later, United Airlines Flight 175 hit the South Tower at 9:03:11 AM, at the same location as the OTL that left one smoke-filled stairwell intact.

56 minutes after Building Two was hit, The destruction of Building Two resulted in the destruction of Building Three (the Marriott), Building Four (South Plaza) and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and also damaged the Deutsche Bank Building and Three World Financial Center.

At 10:28 AM, Building One collapsed in a fashion similar to the South Tower collapse in the OTL, tearing a large gash in Building Seven that later resulted in its collapse at 5:21 PM due to uncontrollable fires in the basement. Building Five also suffered partial collapse, and the Verizon Building and Building Six (US Customs) were also damaged. One Liberty Plaza suffered blown-out windows, but survived intact and had its ground-level offices used as a morgue.

Unfortunately, the attacks on New York didn't stop with the South Tower. At 9:14 AM, an unexpected third plane hit the Empire State Building. The building, though damaged, did not collapse thanks to its more conventional construction when compared to the Twin Towers, and was repaired and reopened in 2008.

Washington DC

A fourth plane (American Airlines Flight 77) was crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37 AM. However, unlike the OTL, the plane struck the Central Courtyard, rather than the Western side of the building, causing more damage.

United Airlines Flight 93's passenger did revolt, but unlike the OTL, were subdued by the hijackers. The plane was flown into the Capitol Building's rotunda, causing the building to collapse and killing roughly 75 members of Congress and the Senate.

Vice President Dick Cheney, the president's cabinet, and the First Family were quickly evacuated from the White House as a precautionary measure.


A sixth plane was flown into Sears Tower in Chicago at 9:25 AM. The building collapsed at 10:30 AM, two minutes after the North Tower in New York. The collapse resulted in every area radio and television station going offline, allowing al Qaeda to broadcast anti-American propaganda. These messages were broadcast from a van outside Joliet by amateur operators. The transmissions continued until 2:41 PM when the van was found and its occupants were arrested. Area stations scrambled to set up alternate transmitters, which was achieved at 6:12 PM using the transmitters atop the John Hancock Center. These transmitters, though, had to be used at a lower power than on the Sears, resulting in lower picture and sound quality.

The collapse of Sears Tower resulted in the destruction of the Chicago Board of Trade Building and 311 South Whacker Drive.


A seventh plane struck Hancock Place in Boston at 9:16 AM. The plane struck between the 30th and 38th floors. roughly the midsection.of the building. The plane was flown in sideways in hopes of destroying the tuned mass damper on the 58th floor. The force of the crash succeeded in knocking the damper out of place, and the building was snapped in half by unusually strong winds approx. 30 seconds after impact. The upper portion was still partially attached to the lower portion, and dragged the lower portion

The collapse destroyed Copley Square, Trinity Church, and caused a cave-in on adjacent tunnels on the Massachusetts Turnpike, trapping and killing many motorists. The collapse happened so quickly that there was little to no time for evacuation, further contributing to the final death toll.

San Francisco

An eighth plane was flown into the Trans-American Pyramid in San Francisco at 9:28 AM. It collapsed at 3:52 PM. Due to the unique shape of the building, the lower, wider portion of the building survived intact, and was used as the base of the reconstruction effort. There was also very little damage to surrounding buildings as a result.

Las Vegas

A ninth plane struck the MGM Grand in Las Vegas at 9:30 AM. The plane struck the area connect the West and North Towers between the 14th and 22nd floors and caused a partial collapse that eventually brough the rest of the main hotel building down several minutes later due to instability. Falling debris buried The Park at MGM Grand (which be this time was being used for private functions after closing to the public a year ago), and the New York New York, Excalibur, and Tropicana also sustained damage. Fires raged out of control for several hours and spread to the M&M's World, Gameworks, and Planet Hollywood due to the seasonally high desert temperatures. The fires were extinguished by a timely thunderstorm, but by then, the damage had been done. New York New York was forced to close and dismantle its roller coaster, and the MGM Grand and the adjacent buildings housing M&M's World and Gameworks were destroyed. Today, the site is now a massive plaza with a memorial bearing the names of those killed. Planet Hollywood was repaired after being scorched by the fires, and continues to operate. M&M's World, meanwhile, relocated across the Strip to New York New York (the OTL location of Hershey's Chocolate World).

Los Angeles

The tenth and final plane hit the Library Tower in Los Angeles at 9:42 AM. It later collapsed at 11:55 AM, destroying every building surrounding it.

Other Attacks

An al Qaeda operative tossed a lit cigarette in a planter box at the National Mall, starting a small blaze that failed to do any lasting damage thanks to quick-thinking bystanders who used water from the Reflecting Pool to put it out. The culprit was later arrested.

During a sweep of San Francisco in the hours following the collapse of the Trans-American Pyramid, bombs were discovered on the supports under Pier 39. These were safely diffused.

There were rumors of an eleventh plane aiming for Disneyland, with the rumored specific target either being the Matterhorn or Sleeping Beauty Castle. This plane turned out to be a US military plane bound for Vandenberg.


At 8:30 PM, President George W. Bush addressed the American public from Mt. Davis. Among his statements: "Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts," "Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve," and "The search is underway for those who are behind these evil acts ... we will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them." The NATO later invoked Article 5 for the first time.

The American public was shell-shocked, and for the next three weeks, life came to a standstill. All public transportation was stopped, sporting events were cancelled, anything remotely resembling the attacks was censored or even banned from TV, security at amusement parks and theme parks nationwide was beefed up, the Stock Exchange was shut down, and martial law was declared. Curfews began to be enforced, there were security checkpoints even at grocery stores and schools, and airports became crime scenes.

The largest criminal investigation in history was launched by the FBI, eventually erasing all doubts that Osama bin Laden was the culprit. What's more, other terrorist groups such as the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Shabaab, Abu Sayyaf, and other, smaller terror groups had provided support.

Public calls for vengeance was massive, with over 60% of the population advocating the use of nuclear weapons against the Middle East to snuff out the terrorists, a sentiment that, quite surprisingly, was echoed even by Russia and China.

On October 7, 2001, Operation: Enduring Freedom began as US troops moved into Afghanistan to dismantle the Taliban government, destroy the al Qaeda training camps, and ultimately, find and capture or kill Osama bin Laden. Troops also moved into Yemen and Pakistan, and other operations were also carried out in Trans-Sahara, the Horn of Africa, Somalia, the Philippines, and even Mexico to counter the drug cartels.

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