United Alpine States
Vereinigte Alpenstaaten (de)

États-Unis Alpine (fr)

Stati Uniti Alpine (it)
Alps flag.jpg
United Alpine States as of 1790. Swiss Confederacy (state) shown in orange. [WIP]
(and largest city)
Official languages French and German
Demonym Swiss
Religion Christianity (all denominations)
Government Federal Republic
Legislature Schweizer Diät (de)

Diète Suisse (fr)

Svizzera Dieta (it)
Establishment1291, as Old Confederacy
 -  Formation of Alpine Union 1643, as Alpine Union 
 -  Integration of the Swiss Confederacy 1736, as United Alpine States 

The United Alpine States consist of 26 different states in the general swiss region. The Alpine States first united in 1643 following the unrest in the Old Confederacy. The UAS maintains a large standing army and

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