Alpes Poeninae
— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Val d'Aosta, Italy and Canton Valais, Switzerland
Alpes Poenniae II
Location of Alpes Poeninae
(and largest city)
Augusta Praetoria Salassorum (Aosta)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Celtic (Lingua Celticarum)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Itali, Helveti, Liguri, and Gauls
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Government and Senate of Rome
Established 738 (15 BC)

A Short History of Alpes Poeninae

The Alpes Poeninae were the most important of the Alpine Provinces, the others being the Alpes Maritimae and the Alpes Cottiae. This part of the Alps includes a large pass, know to us as the Great St. Bernard Pass. It was the main route for the Roman Army to move out of Italia and into Gaul. Being a center of trade the Capital of Alpes Poeninae became a commercial powerhouse near the border of Italia and the Alpes. The Alpes Poeninae were established by the Roman Military but the people and ercahnts of that area were part of the Salassi tribe, a peaceful people who did not resist the Romans. The Province was named for Poeninus Mons, Latin for the St. Bernard Pass. The Temple to Jupiter Poeninus was inside this Pass. However, Poenus means Carthaginian and to prevent confusion this Province also had the name Alpes Graiae. The record of Governors of the Alpes Poeninae was lost until the start of the reign of Emperor Ignacius

A List of Governors of Alpes Poeninae

Blandus Crito Eborius 969-983 (216-230 AD)

Cyprianus Congrio Eugenius 983-997 (230-244 AD)

Ireneus Leo Martimus 997-1019 (244-266 AD)

Petronax Otho Numesianus 1019-1032 (266-279 AD)

Pontius Ulixes Trupo 1032-1045 (279-292 AD)

Tarquinius Uticensis Thraseo 1045-1061 (292-308 AD)

Vala Quentin Rhesus 1061-1083 (308-330 AD)

Rufus Quentin Rhesus 1083-1102 (330-349 AD)

Nerva Quentin Rhesus 1102-1127 (349-374 AD)

Nerva Quentin Rhesus II 1127-1146 (374-393 AD)

Quentin Quirinalis Rhesus 1146-1161 (393-408 AD)

Optatus Memor Lurio 1161-1184 (408-431 AD)

Marcus Herma Lurio 1184-1202 (431-449 AD)


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