Cottian Alps
Alpes Cottiae
— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Cottian Alps
Alpes Cottiae II
Location of Cottian Alps
(and largest city)
Segisio (Susa)
Language Celtic (Lingua Celticarum)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Itali, Gauls and several other minorities
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Alpes Cottiae

A Short History of the Cottian Alps

The Cottian Alps were, prior to being annexed by Rome, under the control of a leader named Donnus. Donnus and his state of the local Ligurian Tribes. His son, and successor of Donnus, Cottius is the origin of the name for this small piece of the Alps. Cottius and his successors ruled independently even after their annexation into the Empire by Emperor Augustus but a Procurator was appointed to lead this province under Emperor Nero, however. The Procurator began to take up the title of Governor of the Cottian Alps and it has since been a calm and peaceful part of the Empire.

List of Governors of Alpes Cottiae

The Cottian Alps had a long history though much of it has been lost. The List of Governors does not start until the reign of Emperor Carolus.

Proculus Verginius Cato 935-954 (182-201 AD)

Tonantius Flaccus 954-981 (201-228 AD)

Probus Paetus 981-1006 (228-253 AD)

Lucius Fabius Cotta 1006-1035 (253-282 AD)

Ecdicius Domitius Publicola 1035-1049 (282-296 AD)

Flavius Theodosius Publicola 1049-1061 (296-308 AD) son of Ecdicius

Lucullus Bruttius Publicola 1061-1088 (308-335 AD) brother of Flavius

Hirtius Bruttius Publicola 1088-1095 (335-342 AD) son of Lucullus

Aulus Mucius Catalina 1095-1117 (342-364 AD) Hirtius died Childless

Appius Varus Catalina 1117-1132 (364-379 AD) son of Aulus

Aulus Mucius Catalina II 1132-1145 (379-392 AD) son of Appius

Aulus Mucius Catalina III 1145-1151 (392-398 AD) son of Aulus II, died of hemorrhaghic fever and also childless

Secundus Varus Catalina 1151-1173 (398-420 AD) brother of Aulus III

Tristan Junius Camillus 1173-1189 (420-436 AD) Secundus died childless and without any proper male relatives.

Quintus Antonius Norbanus 1189-1205 (436-452 AD) Governor Tristan Camillus restored the democratic election of Governors in the Cottian Alps and abolished direct hereditary succession of Government Offices in this Province.


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