Alp Mustafa
Prime Minister of Cyprus
In office
1887 – Present
Preceded by (WIP)
Succeeded by (WIP)
Minister of Security
In office
1887 – Present
Appointed by Lukas Banik
Preceded by Dobroslav Obradovic
Succeeded by (WIP)
Councilor for Cyprus
In office
1885 – Present
Personal details
Born April 15th, 1848
Nicosia Cyprus
Political party Constitutional Union
Profession Politician, Banker.
Religion Sunni Islam

Alp Mustafa is one of the few interesting men from the island of Cyprus. While being mainly centrist, Alp has been known to be Republican with Monarchist views. Being a banker with a lot of wealth does help too, funding his political career.

Early Years

When Alp was born, Cyprus was still part of the Ottoman Empire. His family was a middle class Turkish family. Being Turkish gave Alp a shot at being one of the elite class. This treatment of Turks angered many Greeks who were a majority on the island. But before long, the island changed with the First Levant-Balkan War. The Ottomans were defeated, and Cyprus along with Albania, was handed over to the Danubian Federation, Alp was only 4 years old. The Greeks soon began to take back the island, and soon the Turks became what they were suppose to be, a minority. Regardless, Alp still received an education, and attended university were he majored in economics. Yet the drums of war would prevent Alp from following his path.

War and Banking

Alp Mustafa enlisted with the military to go fight the war against Russia. He served in the Cypriot Guard, and fought across numerous theaters in Russia. That was, until a bullet hit him in the leg, shattering it beyond repair. Alp would walk with a cane from this moment on. Yet, his superiors kept him in battle as an artillery commander, which did not require much walking. In 1878, Alp Mustafa left the military, and returned home to Nicosia. There, he used his economic skills to found the bank Mustafa and Co. This Bank soon spread across the Mediterranean, and even onto the mainland. This generated a lot of wealth for Mustafa.


During the January Revolution, Alp's banks were hit hard by protesters and rioters. Possibly the hardest hit were the banks in Crete under the PRF. During this time, Alp Mustafa traveled to Crete after the civil war to inspect the damage done on his banks. While there, he met a young First Lieutenant, Oighrig Kanelos, who got along well with Alp due to both of them being in the military. They became friends, and Alp helped Oighrig found the Danubian Peace and Prosperity Party. Alp used his wealth to propel himself into politics, and got elected as a Councillor from Cyprus. Oighirg though, could not lead his new party, and gave control of the party to Alp. Now, Alp has been recently elected as Prime Minister of Cyprus, been chosen as Minister of Security under Lukas Banik, and combined the DPPP with the Constitutional Union.