The Almohads (Official: La República de España y África Occidental) is a constitutional parliamentary democratic state. It consists of western Iberian Peninsula and Newfoundland. It is one of the most progressive states in the world, at the forefront of political, scientific and social advance. In earlier centuries it expanded through conquest and colonisation, but in late 20th and 21th century it took neutral stance of non-involvement in conflicts.


The Almohads is a democratic republic. It is highly decentralised federation. The head of state - president is elected every 4 years and unicameral parliament - every five years. its role is limited only to minor changes, as the state has highly developed system of direct democracy. The Almohads has very developed welfare section. It is mixed-economy with large enterprises controlled by the state. It is divided into 26 provinces: eight on the Iberian Peninsula, 17 in Africa and one in North America.


Almohads doesn't field particularly large armies, its neutrality is guaranteed by international organisations. Almohad military is very advanced technologically, it uses body armor, undetectable drones and submarines and also automated tanks and other units. Their constitution states that Almohad army may be only used in defence of the Almohad nation.


The Almohads control 380 000 sq km in Iberian Peninsula, that houses 70 million people, six million sq km of Africa, that contains 180 million people. Its overseas territory - Newfoundland is 100,000 sq km large and contains one million people.

Total area: 6.5 million sq km

Total population: 250 million people


The dominant language of Almohads is Iberian. Historically, their core territory was Morocco, but national focus shifted farther north as conquest of Iberia continued. In 1422, the year following signing treaty of Balboa, which guaranteed Sunni Almohads safety from Christians, capital was moved to Sevilla in Spain, which marked beginning of slow process of Iberification of local elites. By 17th century, majority of Moroccans spoke Iberian, in spite of lack of nationalistic policies of Almohad rulers. Nowadays, more and more African people adopt peacefully Iberian language, because of will of more efficient cultural exchange with the north and relative flexibility to mix with local cultures. Nowadays, Iberian is spoken by almost everybody in former Arab regions and is a dominant languages of southernmost part of the republic.

Main languages:

  • Iberian - 72%
  • Arab - 8%
  • Akan - 5%
  • Fula - 5%
  • Wolof - 3%


Almohads saw a major turn away from religion in 1821, when Sharia was abolished in all three post-Caliphate countries and increasing atheisation of Iberians in 19th and 20th. From 20th, majority of political parties officially supported atheism, though freedom to practice religion is guaranteed by constitution. It caused atheism to be most common worldview. The most prevalent religion is Islam, followed by native African religions and Christianity.

Atheism: 71%

Other forms of irreligion: 11%

Islam: 8%

Native African religions: 6%

Christianity: 3%

Other: 1%

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