The Almohad Empire at its greatest extent (c.1060)

The Almohad Empire (Arabic: الموحدون al-Muwaḥḥidun, "the Monotheists" or "the Unitarians") was an Ishmaelite Arab empire founded by an extremist branch of the Ishmaelism in the 11th century. Although they are considered adherents of the Ishmaelite faith, it is thought that present-day Druze communities descend from them.

The empire was founded by Mansur al-Hakim in Ma'an (northwestern Arabia), who became the sovereign (malik) of the Unitarians (1017) and quickly spread through northern Hejaz, Egypt and the Levant before the death of Al-Hakim (1025). The empire was defeated by the Great Seljuk Empire (1085) and mostly annexed. However, Egypt remained independent against the Seljukian Turks but the Almohad sovereign was assassinated (1087) and instead was imposed a Turkic puppet state (see Beglik of Egypt) and tributary of the Seljukian Empire.

List of rulers of the Almohad Empire

  • Mansur al-Hakim bi-Amrallah, 1017–1025
  • Hasan az-Zahir li-L'zaz Dinillah, 1025–1036
  • Tamim al-Mustansir Billah, 1036–1049
  • Qasim al-Musta'li Billah, 1049–1054
  • Ismail az-Zafir bi-Ahkamillah, 1054–1071
  • Abdullah al-Azid li-Dinillah, 1071–1087

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