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Realizing that the cost of lives for crushing the Soviets would be too high, the Allies agree to make peace with the them. The Soviets voluntarily give up all territory they control in Central Europe, and all territory that they didn't control before they started the war. The Allies recreate the countries that were destroyed by the Soviets, and put democratic governments in place, except for Germany. The Allies decide to divide Germany up among the surrounding nations, giving parts of it to Denmark, Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, etc., and creating a small Germanish state in the middle.

Years later, the Soviets launch another war, in an attempt to gain revenge. They saw it as the perfect time as the Americans were distracted by another war with Japan. Yet again, they manage to conquer all of mainland Europe, but not without large casualties. they then force Britain to surrender by dropping two nuclear weapons on Manchester and London. Of course, the radiation kills many people there, but the Soviets feel it is worth it. The Americans decide to finish off Japan and then go on to beat the Soviets.
Nuked london photo

The destruction of London by the Soviets

Though Europe and Asia become increasingly war-torn as a result, the war came a such a time that it greatly boosted the American economy. It was a long and dirty war, with millions killed, and Europe reduced to what might as well be the dark ages compared to its once Roman Empire-esque self. The USSR collapses, leaving the United States, and later China to pick up the pieces. Though the US remains the most powerful nation on the planet, China is catching up fast, having absorbed a large amount of land from the late Soviet Union. The United States suffers a small recession in the late 2000's decade, though it blows over rather quickly, allowing it to remain a superpower for years to come.

End of Timeline

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