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President Roosevelt makes his decision. The American soldiers will deploy to Africa, to aid Montgomery in defeating the Italians. This will force Hitler to draw troops from the East, in order to prop up his ally. the orders are given, and the troops begin moving via transport to Africa, across the submarine infested Atlantic Ocean. Through the use of convoy tactics, and frequent sweeps by the US navy, the troops make it across safely. Montgomery welcomes the reinforcements, and plans his offensive.

In the beginning of fall, Montgomery strikes. The combined army plunges into Libya, brushing aside the Italian army and the German troops there. It is obvious that the Allies are well on their way to securing North Africa. When that is taken, then the Allies can begin preparations for a european invasion. Hitler, noting the danger, reluctantly pulls troops from Russia to combat the Allies. He sends one of his best commanders, Erwin Rommel, to stop the Allies. Who triumphs in africa?

The Allies

The Axis

Created by: Azecreth 15:48, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

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