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It is October 1945, the Second World War is over after have some 60 million casualties. In Asia, the occupation of the Japanese Empire begins, while in China the civil war continues with Mao on the offensive with captured Japanese weapons. However this is not our WWII. In Summer and Fall of 1944, the Allied armies captured bridges along several important rivers in Holland and encircled the German army in the Rhur. By January after racing through Germany, the Allies reached Berlin. In February of 1945 Europe was divided. Czechoslovakia had been divided after Patton pushed towards Prague. Germany is firmly in Allied hands. Austria has also been claimed, sacrificing Hungary to the Soviet hammer. Now the world must breath from the onset of WWII, as the ideologies of Communism and Democracy crash head to head in vying for supremacy in this new world.




  • Creator: Orwell
  • Main mod:
    • Little helper:
    • Little Helper:
  • Map Maker:
  • MGOC overseers:


  • All signers must leave a nation request on the talk page

North America

  • US flag 48 stars United States-
    • American Occupied Germany-
    • Occupied Japan-
  • Flag of Canada 1921 Dominion of Canada-
  • Dominion of Newfoundland Red Ensign Dominion of Newfoundland-
  • Flag of Mexico (1934-1968) Mexico-
  • Flag of Guatemala Guatemala-
  • Flag of El Salvador El Salvador-
  • Flag of Honduras Honduras-
  • Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua-
  • Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica-
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba-
  • Flag of Haiti Haiti-
  • Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic-
  • Flag of Panama Panama-

South America

  • Flag of Brazil (1960-1968) Brazil-
  • Flag of Uruguay Uruguay-
  • Flag of Chile Chile-
  • Flag of Peru (state) Peru-
  • Flag of Bolivia Bolivia-
  • Flag of Colombia Colombia-
  • Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006 Venezuela-
  • Flag of Ecuador Ecuador-
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina-
  • Flag of Paraguay Paraguay-


  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) USSR-
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland-
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Britain-
    • British Occupied Germany-
  • Flag of France France-
    • French Occupied Germany-
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal-
  • Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977) Nationalist Spain-
  • Flag of Slovakia Communist Slovakia-
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic-
  • Flag of Austria (TONK) Austria-
  • East Poland Poland-
  • Flag of Hungary (1949-1956) Hungary-
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland-
  • Flag of the Netherlands Holland-
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium-
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg-
  • Flag of Bulgaria (1946-1948) Bulgaria-
  • Flag of Romania (1948-1952) Romania-
  • Flag of Norway (3-2) Norway-
  • Flag of Sweden (3-2) Sweden-
  • Flag of Finland Finland-
  • Civil ensign of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia-
  • Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy-
  • State flag of Greece (1863–1924;1935–73) Greece-
  • Communist Youth of Greece logo Greek Communists-
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey-


  • Flag of South Africa (1928-1994) South Africa- Orwell
  • Flag of Liberia Liberia-
  • Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Ethiopia-
  • Flag of Egypt (1922–1958) Egypt-
  • Flag of the United Kingdom British Colonies-
  • Southern Rhodesia-
  • Northern Rhodesia-
  • Nyasaland-
  • British East Africa-
  • British Somaliland-
  • Botswana-
  • Batusoland-
  • Bechuanaland-
  • Swaziland-
  • Sierra Leone-
  • Nigeria- Warrioroffreedom123
  • Ghana-
  • Anglo-Egyptian Sudan-
  • Gambia-
  • Flag of France French Colonies-


  • Kuomingtang-
  • Chinese Communist Party-


  • Australia-

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