The Allies of the Third World War were composed of many Western nations, as well as Japan, South Korea, and other former colonies of the West. The Allies included:

The United States of America, Led by President Harry Truman, with Generals Douglas MacArthur and Omar Bradley coordinating the War in the Pacific, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower coordinating the war in Europe.

The United Kingdom, Led by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. General Bernard Montgomery led British forces in Europe.

Canada, under Prime Minister Louis St-Laurent.

Australia, under Prime Minister Robert Menzies

New Zealand, under Prime Minister Sidney Holland

The Union of South Africa, under Prime Minister Daniel François Malan

France, under President Vincent Auriol and Prime Minister Rene Pleven, with Charles de Gaulle commanding French forces in Europe

West Germany, under President Theodor Heuss and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer

The Philippines, under President Elpidio Quirino

Japan under Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida.

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