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The Allies decide that only unconditional surrender can be accepted, in revenge for the destruction wreaked by the Soviets upon Europe. They then launch another offensive, but it fails as the Soviets had time to strengthen their defenses while the Allies deliberated over peace. The war continues to be at a stalemate for many months, with neither side gaining a real advantage, although the Allies are able to drive the Soviets out of Central Europe. Finally, the Allies convince Japan to attack the Soviets in Siberia, and they meet little resistance, as much of the Soviet forces were facing down the Allies. When the Soviets pull forces away to face Japan, the Allies launch another offensive, which succeeds this time. They drive far into Russia, while the Japanese make it to the Urals, but the Allied offensive stalls again before they can reach Moscow.

The Americans decide to drop one of two newly developed nuclear weapons on Moscow. They hope that it will force the Soviets to surrender. The bomb is used on Moscow, and many people die. The cries for peace become overpowering, and the Soviets surrender.

The world is war-torn, and it takes decades for the dozens of affected nations to get back on their feet. Europe remained a wasteland until the year 2000, and today it is still in a state of dilapidation and disrepair. After the collapse of the USSR, the United States was the only superpower left, and was left to clean up the mess of the world. They mostly succeeded, though large areas of Europe still resemble a Majority World Country, and the nation is currently in a depression reminiscent of the thirties. Only time will tell if the US will plow through it, or fall because of it.

End of Timeline

Created by: Azecreth 15:28, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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