The New Progress Alliance is an alliance dedicated to the Liberal Agenda. It accepts any Liberal members, from slighty Liberal members to hardcore Communist nation.


  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Tibet
  • Peru
  • ROCJ
  • Oman
  • Switzerland


  1. Rules can be changed through voting. This IS a democracy.
  2. You can admit a member if you are in the NPA.
  3. Issues are solved through voting.
  4. We will have a "president" nation. They will be the face of NPA, and answer to other Alliances and nations.
  5. We will have a resource treasury where everyone will contribute to. We will use this in war.
  6. If you have another idea then just propose it.

Plans and Goals Discussion

Hello, everyone. We need to discuss our plans and goals of this alliance.

Poland: I guess I should start it off. First of all, we need to expand to gain more power (that, and the game kinda makes me sleepy now, since we aren't doing anything). I suggest that we work on expanding our power through the Middle East.

Germany: What do you suggest in the Middle East, I'm currently aiding the UIR, but they're my allies, and West Arabia continues to hold on.

Tibet: I'm planning to support Oman, and if we win we can probably convince them to join the Alliance. Also, don't we have more members than this like Spain, for instance.

Germany: If we can get Oman on our side, and we should try (at least try) to get the US on our side before the Axis does.

Poland: I think that if the US sat out WWII, they are pretty much going to sit out most of this game. Anyway, I think we should try and get more South American Nations on our side, and do our best to get Oman as well. Of course, if we aid W. Arabia, then they probably will be able to take the Middle East b storm with our aid, while E. Arabia will probably be struggling to defend itself. But, siding with W. Arabia turns the world against us, except for anyone else who is being condemned. Personally, I think we should get Oman and Iran on our side and try to gain control of the Middle East.

Germany: We should convince East Arabia, destroy West Arabia, and support Iran in its invasion of Iraq.

Poland: I am all for this plan. So if there aren't any other problems we should talk about, then I think that's all that we have to worry about.

Germany: Yeah, what about the Axis?

Poland: Hmm, the Axis. They are bigger than us, but most of their members have left the game. Our Alliance is full of more active members, but then again we have around four members. I think we should get Oman and Iran on our side, and that's two more active members. Then, I believe we got Nueva Granada to join our alliance, so that helps us in South America. I can't remember about Chile. Let's just get Iran and Oman, then work on spreading our influence to Asia and the Pacific.

Germany: Okay, then.

Nueva Granada: My nation isn't part of the alliance but it might be willing to join for the right price.

Tibet: A suggestion, our next two people to recruit are India and the Balkans. India is loyal to the Axis but they are libertarian so they could join. Also, the Balkans are mostly focused on self preservation but with some good diplomacy we might sway them. Lastly, if anyone could get hold of Russia, that would be good.

Nueva Granada Diplomacy: We will not be joining and request our neutrality in any future conflict be respected and that all of South America be left alone. IC it is touched we will be joining sides with chile.

Tibet: So long as you make sure Chile does not attack Peru, who is one of our members, and generally keep the peace in South America that's fine with me.

ROCJ: I think we should just get members for a few years and prevent nuclear annihilation from Greece and the Axis.

Oman: Oman will like to join your alliance but asks for protection against any invaders due to its location. If the answer is yes, any member is allowed to use Oman as a base or a port.

Poland: Okay, so let me just make an outline of our plans so far. Also, we will protect you Oman.

  1. Stay neutral through Hell and High Waters, until we have more members.
  2. Recruit more members, with emphasis on Iran, Balkans and India.
  3. Spread our Liberal Ideas to non-player nations, as the OTL NATO and Warsaw forces did in RL.

ROCJ: I say that we somehow coup Mexico and Canada and pressure the US into joining us. In other plans, I say we rename ourselves the Allies.

Germany: First, welcome Oman. Second, I'd say Mexico's government would be much easier, since they've gone through revolutions. Third, I agree with the renaming of the allies. The US would be an valued member.

Poland: I also agree with renaming our alliance the Allies, and I think everyone else agrees as well. If there aren't any objections by the time the day is done, we will rename ourselves.

Tibet: I'm fine with it but Greece or other Axis members may take it the wrong way.

Oman: Oman likes the name but we are mad at Greece for their possible involvement in the death of their king.

ROCJ: So we are the Allies. Now how are we going to coup the countries.

Tibet: I've had an idea, can we create a NPA/allies (whatever we call ourselves) post for this turn, such as what the NPA as an organisation are doing this turn.


NPA: The NPA funds let wing resistance movements in Mexico and begins the sharing of technology between its countries by sending blueprints for nuclear power to Peru and Oman.

Poland: I like the idea, Tibet. If we had that type of thinking in our current president, we would be slightly better off! :D. Anyway, if no one objects to this plan, I will go ahead and post this on the page.

Someone should actually get around to doing this Allies post sometime.

German War Plans

  • Germany: I'm going to declare war on Belgium, finish that nation off, and then invade the Netherlands. What do you think? Or should I take France out first? Enclavehunter 00:35, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Poland: If you declare war on Belgium, I will help you. However, this may mean war between us and the Axis. Of course, if you declare war on France, that means war with LOAN, which in case the Axis will help. I think we should just declare war on Belgium, as the Axis Alliance is mostly inactive anyway, but they are the bigger threat. TacoCopper
  • Germany: True. True. Hey, I forcefully annexed Luxembourg, and the Axis (especially the Balkans) did nothing. Enclavehunter 00:47, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Poland: In that case, this war can be similar to OTL WW-II. Forced Annexation of nations, no reactions from the people who should be stopping it, taking over all small countries around us. Anyway, I, and I think everyone else, will support you should you invade Belgium. TacoCopper
  • ROCJ: Do you think that I should start an Asian Campaign against Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand? Tibet could help.
  • Germany: Do any of them belong to any members of the LOAN?
  • Poland: None of them do. If you want Japan/China, then by all means go ahead. If you should need help, Australia is leaning to the Allies, so it shouldn't take much to convince them.
  • Tibet: If full on war breaks out, ROCJ and I should make our first priority India, shouldn't we?
  • Oman: If any country needs ports or oil Oman will be happy to give them that. Germany, if you want you can keep nukes in Oman.
  • ROCJ: And Korea...

Allies-Australia Cooperation Pact

  • Hello. Australia is a quite liberal nation, with Communists winning the balance of power in recent elections. We are therefore supporting the Allies as opposed to the Axis. However, we don't want to jeopardise our neutrality ... so I propose a Co-operation Pact. We don't attack each other, and co-operate on various things. (And BTW: For a list of LOAN nations, see here. Pretty much all the nations are inactive, except for Nueva Grenada and me) Callumthered 08:20, June 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Germany agrees. Enclavehunter 14:21, June 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Tibet as well. 20:57, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

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