Jericho flag (TV series)

Capital: Washington DC

Largest city: Phoenix, Arizona

Official Language: English

Other languages: Spanish

President: Joseph Foster

Vice President: Wes Walser

Independence from : United States

Declared: 1930

Defunct: 20XX

Member States:

Currency: ASD

No-Confidence Vote:

North Dakota votes to secede from the Allied States of America and is crushed by President Joseph Foster.

Allied Civil War:

President Foster quickly crushes the rebellion, killing ninety percent of North Dakota population and livestock.

Surprise Attacks:

With the USA partially occupied by Canadian forces, President Foster launches a surprise attack on the United Texas Alliance. All governments west of the Mississippi form an alliance against the ASA. The war lasts 3 and 1/2 years and eventually ends with an Allied surrender to ASA forces after the battle of El Paso.

Shortly After the end of the Western War the US launches an offensive against the Canadians and regains most of its territory. During negotiations the Canadians annex Maine, and the USA annexes Cuba.

Forces of the ASA and USA are now positioned on both sides of the Mississippi River. Any time the final battle for control of the North American Continent will take place.

North American Treaty of 1935:

In 1935 President Roosevelt of the USA and President Foster of the ASA signed a treaty which will do the following: 1. Declare Mississippi an international body of water 2. A mutual defense agreement. This agreement will allow both nations if they are under attack. Both nations will fight aside each other. 3. Any unification talk will not happen for 50 years.

United States/Allied States -- Mexican War:

In 1939, Mexico invaded Sonora and Chihuahua thinking that the Allied States is weak and take back Sonora and Chihuhua.. Since Mexico invaded the Allied States, the United States joined conflict and push back the invading Mexican forces. The combination US/AS force pushed back the Mexican force way south of Mexico City. Mexico totally surrenders. In agreement Mexico will be divided two ways, the East coast will controlled by the United States and the West Coast will be controlled by the Allied States.

World War II:

After the Allied States/United States Mexican War the focus was turned to Europe and Asia. WW II started when Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and Japan invading China a few months afterward.

Both nations realize that it is only a matter of time that both nations will be drawn into conflict. All forces are on high alert.

On December 7th Japan attacked the Allied States Pearl Harbor . Later on Japan declared war on both the Allied States and the United States as did Germany. After the attack is was agreed that the following will happen:

1. The Allied States will run the Pacific theatre of operations...

2. The United States will run the European theatre of operations.

The Allied States had an advantage over the United States since the ASA kept the military in top shape after the war in Mexico.. The attack on Pearl Harbor did minor damage to the Allied Navy..

In the Pacific, the Allied States Navy and the United States Navy fought a major battle against the Japan. The Allied States aircraft carrier, ASS Enterprise, and the United Staes aircraft carrier USS Enterprise pushed back the Japanese Empire at Midway Island.

The North American Cold War:

After WWII, even though the USA and ASA both fought together against the both common enemies (Germany and Japan). There was some mistrust with both nations. According to the treaty of 1935, there has to be no talk of unification.

Despite the tensions, there was some attempt of coming together. MLB put franchises in both the US and AS. The NFL became the NAFL and has teams in both the US and AS.

In the 50's they agree that citizens of both countries can cross the border without a passport.

However, besides the attempted thaw there was tension.

In 1950 the Allied States invaded Canada, this time the United States and Britain filed a complaint against the Allied States at the UN headquarters in Geneva. In 1954 all of Canada (with the exception of the Quebec and the eastern part) falls into Allied States hands.

In 1955 Allied States launched the first sateillite called Eagle 1, thus starting the space race.

In 1956 United States launched the first satellite called Washington 1

In 1957 the Allied States sends the first man into space.

In 1960 the US and AS agrees to form a join space agency. It will be called the North American Space Agency, however it is short lived. It falls apart in 1965.

In 1966 the Allied States land the first man on the moon.

In 1985 there was a talk unify the country after the deadline of the North American Treaty has ended. Both parties agreed to meet in Springfield Illinois, but it didn't last very long. There was a major disagreement in which country shall be the only country in North America. It is only a matter of time before war starts. The North American Cold War has started.

In 1986 travel between 2 countries has stopped. Military units are placed on the Mississippi River.

In 1987 there was an incident between the AS and the US troops that is near the Mississippi River. However, before the situtation flared up, there was heavy diplomatic talk to prevent from starting a full fledge war.

In 1989 all diplomantic relations between two countries has ceased, after many attempts to start up the unification talks again has failed. New elected Allied President John McCain warned the citizens of the Allied States that war between the Allied States and the United States could happen soon.

In the United States a draft has started, as well a draft in the Allied States.

United States and the Allied States war

After the unification talks of North America failed the United States began to think that two Americas were two too many. In 1990, President Freemen sent his army to the borders of both country's but found the Allied army waiting for them there. the firsts major battle of the Unification war was battle for Texas. the battle lasted for days until the U.S. forces were forced back to the border. One month later the U.S. found Allied soldiers in U.S. land so President Freemen made a attack and pushed the Allied soldiers out. so President Freemen ordered over 2 million soldiers to invade the Allied states. This time the invasion manage to push the Allied forces back. However, the Allied forces pushed back and now occupies Illinois, Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

In the Allied capital Phoenix, President John McCain said that the attacks from the US was an act of war. He said that the Allied States shall be the American country that wins the war..

In Mexico, the Allied forces on the west started to attack the US forces on the east and drive the US forces out of what was Mexico.

 Europe joins the war

soon the war turn to Europe when France decided to aid the Allied state in it''s fight against the U.S. and manages to get Germany the Netherlands Portugal China India and Spain to enter the war against the U.S. The Allied States manages to get Colombia to become fight against the United States. But United Kingdom joins the U.S. and by doing so was force to pull it's name from the European Union. But manged to get Russia Japan Israel Brazil to engage the war against the Allied and the European forces. At this point World war 3 has began

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