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Federated States of America
Timeline: The New American Republic
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Flag Seal
The Federated States of America was founded when the United States fell from the depression in 1929. With

the US Government in near-shambles, there was a call for a constitutional convention.

There was a convention in 1930, in Phoenix, Arizona, with all states and territories attending, and provinces of Canada (with the permission of Britain). It was agreed that the United States shall cease to exist, and a new republic shall be formed.

There were a couple of names proposed; (like Allied States of America or bring back the Confederate States of America), however, the agreement would be that the Federated States of America as the name of the new American Republic.

After some negotiations, it was agreed that:

1. The Capital of the Federated States of America will be in Washington D.C.

2. All treaties that was signed under the United States shall be honored by the Federated States of America.

3. The Constitution and the Amendments shall be the same with one minor exception. The President shall serve only one six year term.

At first, some states did not see the need to ratify the new Constitution, but eventually they agreed to.

The first election for the Federated States of America would be held in 1934.