Timeline: States of America 2

OTL equivalent: or,nv,az,nm,ok,ut
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "God Bless America"
Capital Phoenix
Largest city Phoenix
Language English
Demonym ASA
Population 8,500,000 
Established October 1st 1938
Currency Allied Dollar


The Constitution is similar to the Old US Constitution, however there are differences.

US Constitution AS Constitution
The president is elected for a term of 4-years and serves without term limits. The president is elected for a 1 term of 6-years.
There are 2 senators per state. There are 2 senators per state, but only the state legislature can determine who the Senators are.
The president does not have the line-item veto. The president has the line-item veto.


The Military of the ASA is composed of members who once served with the Army. The ASA formed a Air Force but no navy since the country is currently landlocked. In 1939 after ASA took over Oregon they formed AS Navy and the ASMC.

Foreign Policy

Right now the ASA is making overtures to the FUS for a joint military alliance and a trade agreement. The allies have made some promises of future peace and stability with the mighty US. They have made hints to reunification in years to come.


Right now the ASA does have some heavy indsutry and building more factories. Right now they are heading for free market economy. With a round of competitive taxes. As far as agriculture they need to develop more farms and that means find ways to make the desert into good farmland.

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