Allied States of America

File:Allied States of America Flag.jpg
Allied States of America Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms of the Allied States of America.

Coat of Arms


Official Language

none, English (De Facto)

Other Languages Spanish, French, Arabic, German, and Portuguese
Capital San Francisco, CA
Currency Allied States Dollar (AS$, ASD)

The Allied States of America are a survivor-state which controls the majority of the states west of the Mississippi River and was known before the event the survivors of the Allied States called "The Twilight" as the US Western Seaboard and the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, and the US state of Alaska. It was one of the first survivor states to be formed after The Twilight. When the US government collapsed, it became clear that the Allied States would eventually be declared in an attempt to create a formal government. Today it is one of the biggest states in the former US and Canada.



Before the apocalypse the region was inhabited by Native Americans and was a battleground between government forces and Natives. In the 1800s it was full of Native American Wars and wars between neighboring nations and expansion westward. In the days before the apocalypse it was a thriving region full of economic developments and crisis during the 1920s adn 1930s. Then in the start of WWII became one of the most productive regions on the Earth.

The Twilight

Then came the event we know now as the Twilight. Volcanes erupted, earthquakes raged and floods were everywhere and a massive ash cloud raced on the Earth as a nuclear winter arrived that lasted until the start of the 50s. The US began its collapse and many nations rose in what used to be America, including the Allied States of America. In the ashes arose the Allied States of America as one of the many successors to the old US.


After the Twilight, it was apparent that the US and many other nations on Earth were gone. The world as we all knew it was gone and society was apparently reduced to ash and rubble. In fact the planet's population was reduced to a mere 500,000,000 from the 2.3 billion inhabitants that once dominated Earth. Now the Allied States competes with the New States of America for becoming the legitimate successor to the United States.


The nation's military is divided into 4 branches:


The troops use nearly every model of the old US government and is clearly the number up to hundreds of highly trained forces. In fact, it's doctrine is based on strength through flexibility and uses a concept of volunteer army.

Air Force

The Air Force uses the models of the old US planes and like the army is highly trained and with a doctrine of strength through flexibility.


The Navy is full of 23 docked ships from the old US that were damaged and repaired and have up to thousands of recruited personnel, unlike the other branches, although with the same doctrine of strength through flexibility.

Special Forces

The special force are divided into the Rangers, the Marine Corps, and Task Force 5. These 3 special ops units are the most highly trained forces in the Allied States at the present time. Along with them are some of the Allied States's best.


There are 4 parties within the Allied States

  • Democratic Union - The successor to the old US's Democratic Party and it has the same ideology as the old Democratic Party.
  • Republican Alliance - The successor to the old US's Republican Party has the same ideology of the old Republican Party
  • Libertarian Party - The Libertarian Party is one of the first parties that were not part of the former US to be registered and its ideologies are the same as the OTL Libetarian Party.
  • Democratic Socialist Party - The Democratic Socialist Party is a party that is clearly believing in the pre-apocalypse economic system of socialism. It clearly has the ideology of a social democracy. Hence the name the Democratic Socialist Party.

The constitution of the nation is really a copy of the old US constitution but with some slight changes like several additions to the terms a president or other politician can have and the banning of any laws by the states that involve the discrimination of other people.

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