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Germany (1945/1946)

Sweden and Soviet Union will march into the Fatherland, OK?

France (1945/46/47/1948)

We all need to make a massive landing just like OTL D-Day.

Let me finish with and then I'll send troops to support D-Day. Enclavehunter (talk) 21:56, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

OK. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! 21:59, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Australia is willing to help!The River Nile-2 (talk) 23:06, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

The Japs will send men at your disposal, and we ask to join the U.S in the process of building a nuke.

Spain (1944.5/1945)

After getting France, we will march into Spain and depose the Caudillo.

Mexico (ASAP)

The US will do this one. We'll all send S, and Britain will attempt to get Canada into this.

Africa (ASAP)

Sweden and Britain will force their way back in after we get France out of problems. We'll try to get like Turkey or Arabia into this.

Come 1944, Im am going to Start an attack on German Palestine, mostly bombers and crusiers for me, And would like Support.XX (talk) 16:25, January 27, 2013 (UTC), oh and I would like to invade Siam because of resources, so if someone close like Australia would give military support, that would be nice, but I won't invade if you don't want me to.

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