The Allied Powers was one of the two belligerent coalitions in the Pacific War, the other being the Asian Powers. Former in August of 1924 with initially only America, Alaska, Oceania and Siberia as its members, the Allies soon consisted of a variety of countries throughout the Pacific Rim and even in Asia itself. The Allies, much like the Asian Powers, suffered staggering losses in human life throughout the war, often due to haphazardly made ships and airplanes. The backbone of the Allied effort was the industrially mighty United States, which was able to turn the tide against the technologically inferior Japanese-led Asian forces after repelling the 1925 Japanese invasion of North America. The Allies are regarded as having "won" the war in the sense that the United States dictated many of the terms of the Hilo Accords, but the Allies in fact lost territory for the most part and did not gain the economic hegemony over the East that many Oceanians and Americans had sought at the war's onset.

The members of the Allied Powers were:

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