What if Japan joined the Allies in World War II?


The Japanese Monarchy dissolves after a costly civil war. A new democratic republic in Japan is formed and the sweet sound of freedom rings through the streets. As you should know, the Japanese conquest of the Pacific never launches. Without being invaded, the Philippines becomes a superpower. China also becomes a superpower without suffering from invasion. Chinese communism is abolished and democracy hits China.


A monarchy in the Philippines in established and tensions between the Philippines and the rest of the Southern Pacific nations rise.


After 3 years, war with the Southern Pacific nations seem like some rumor that has came and past. However, the tensions secretly are still rising without the people knowing. Nazi Germany State has just became a superpower. On August 8th, 1935, the Philippines invade Australia. The rest of Southern Pacific stays out of the situation. Hitler, as this happens, does his False Flag Operation and burns down the Reichstag and blames it not on a communist terrorist as in our universe, but on a democratic terrorist. Hitler strips German citizens of their civil rights without much of the citizens resisting and protest handled swiftly. The war starts 4 years earlier and this time France is the first one to be invaded. Japan, Britain and the United States are democratic nations and declare war. U.S. joined 6 years earlier in the war. The Philippines forges an alliance with Nazi Germany. The United States and Japan fight the first battles in Western Europe. The United States declares war on the Philippines by assisting Australian Forces. Poland and Eastern Europe are invaded. Southern Europe is soon annexed as a part of the Greater German Reich. All in one year.


After 5 years of war, Britain has been invaded and occupied by Germany and the Philippines and is no longer in the war. The United States has fended off several invasions by the Philippines and Nazi Germany. Japan has been liberating Australia and other Asian lands conquered by the Philippines. The Soviet Union remains neutral and because of this the Philippines invade the USSR and is conquered in 4 months only because the Soviet Union never got too powerful in this universe. The Philippines eventually invaded and occupied Sydney, Australia, a major stronghold for the Japanese and American liberations of the land. Because of this Japan and America leave Australia giving the land to the Philippines.


America and Japan launch a sneak attack on Berlin, Germany. Adolf Hitler is killed. The exhausted German forces fall under the weight of Japan and the United States of America. Though the war in Europe ends, the Pacific war and Asian war continues more bloodier than ever. The Philippines is eventually invaded on November 8th 1943. The invasion is a failure and became way to costly. The Philippines invades Hawaii. Hawaii was attacked and occupied. America left the Pacific losing the war. Japan fought until 1948.


Tokyo falls. Philippine troops pour into the capital. Nazi Germany surrendered, but the Philippines was far too powerful. The war was over. Half Allied victory, half Axis victory.