Allied Coalition
Timeline : Superpowers
Primary Members Mongol World Empire
Inca Empire
People's Imperium of Danemarc
Islamic Republic of India
United Chiefdoms of Columbia
Allies None, closed Alliance
Capital Kor'na Yasse (de facto)
Purpose WWII Alliance
Fate Collapsed and Lost

The Allied Coalition was a military alliance lasting from August 11, 1928 to August 9, 1931, when their base of operations was captured. Known during the war as the Allies, and to the Viris Mundi as the "Alliance of Evil", it was an attempt to unify the forces of all of the enemies of Roman, Mayan and Japanese Imperialism. Through this unifying ideology, these peoples from all across the planet managed to work together in one of the most surprising military strategies in human history.

As a nation, the Allies had a higher population and owned more land than any of the individual Global Powers, but nevertheless, their technology and infrastructures were so far behind, that even their combined forces would not have been able to stand up to the Powers in war. The solution was to enact a surprise attack on December 25, 1929, a day when most people in the Roman government and military would be away with family or in their barracks enjoying the holiday of Christomiss. Upon crippling their foe, they reasoned that they needed to now keep battering them down until their armies could overrun their population centers.

Despite the subterfuge, and several shocking developments such as biological artillery and massive armored tanks, the Alliance still couldn't manage to win the war by the end of the next year, and things were starting to look a little grim for them, despite certain victories over the Khmer and Mayans. Eventually though, things fell apart. The Mongols, in what many have described as the most intelligent and convoluted plot ever, lost their leader to "heart problems" and just as suddenly turned on the Allies and made a plea to help the Powers.

Due to this, shall we say, change of heart on the part of the Mongols, the war was instantly turned in the favor of the Powers, the Kor'na Yasse was destroyed and every other Ally member lost from the pressure. The Mongols ended the war with more than they started with, the Powers emerged wholly victorious, and the Allied Coalition collapsed into the annals of history.

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