Empire Français
French Empire
Military occupation
Flag of France.svg

Flag of France.svg<p> Flag

Map of Allied Occupied France (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power).png
Post-French Empire occupation borders and territories in 1947.
Dark Blue: Chinese Zone
Purple: Japanese Zone
Light Blue: Irish Zone
Dark Green: Portuguese Zone
Light Red: Soviet Zone
Dark Red: Ceded to Suriname
Orange: People's Republic of the Netherlands
  • Paris (de jure)
  • Barcelona (Chinese zone)
  • Bordeaux (Japanese zone)
  • Rennes (Irish zone)
  • North Paris (Soviet zone)
Government Military Occupation
Governors (1946)
 -  Chinese zone General Yan Xishan
 - Japanese zone General Kiyotake Kawaguchi
 - Irish zone General Richard Mulcahy
 - Soviet zone Marshal G.K. Zhukov
Historical era Cold War
 - Surrender April 23, 1946
 -  Allied Control Council June 5, 1946
 - Dutch Saarland December 15, 1948
 - French Second Republic June 15, 1950
 -  People's Republic of France September 29, 1950
 - Final Settlement August 10, 1985
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Flag of France.svg French Empire (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)
People's Republic of France (dai)franceflag.png
French Second Republic Flag of France.svg
People's Republic of the Netherlands Flag of the People&#039;s Republic of the Netherlands (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power).svg
Dutch Saarland Flag of Dutch Saarland (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power).png
South Paris Flag of Paris.svg
Algeria Numidia flag by Vitaly Vetash.svg

The Allied Powers who defeated France in the Second World War asserted governmental authority over all territory of the French Empire, excluding the recently established Socialist Netherlands in the Lowlands and French Guinea which was ceded to Suriname, having formally abolished the French government of René Mayer. The five powers divided this area into five occupation zones for administrative purposes. This division was ratified at the Nanterre Conference (Seventeenth of June to Third of September, 1946). In Autumn 1945, the Republic of China, Empire of Japan, Republic of Portugal, Ireland, and the Soviet Union had agreed on the zone make-up by the Dublin Protocol.

The French Capital, Paris, was divided into only four occupations zones, by Japan, China, Ireland, and the Soviets. The Soviet-Occupied Paris later became known as North Paris, while the Japanese, Chinese, and Irish Occupied Paris became known as South Paris.

In 1950, France was split into two - the French Second Republic, which formed out of the Japanese, Chinese, and Irish, and the People's Republic of France, which formed out of the Soviet-occupied zone. The Chinese-Portuguese Occupied French Algeria was given independence with a democratic government being established.

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