This is the page that shows alliances and pacts in the Map Game of Atomic World.


Active Alliances

Ally 1 Ally 2 Year Signed
Kingdom of the Philippines Fighters of Buddha 1962.5
Former USA Northern Counties 1962.5
Jakartan Empire Australia 1962.5
Australia New Zealand 1963
Australia Tuvalu & Cook Is. 1963.5
New Zealand Former USA 1963.5
Fighters of Buddha Tuvalu & Cook Is. 1964
Tuvalu & Cook Isles Cascadia 1964
Jakartan Empire Tuvalu & Cook Is. 1964.5
Northern Counties UKOTC 1964.5
New Zealand Tuvalu & Cook Is. 1964.5

Defunct Alliances

Welsh-Northern Alliance: stopped due to Wales not withdrawing from Devon.


Active Pacts

Side 1 Side 2 Year Signed Type
Former USA Final Command 1962.5 Non-Aggression Pact
Australia New Zealand 1964.5 Trade Agreement
Scottish Isles Northern Counties 1964.5 Defensive Pact
UKOTC Welsh Rebellion 1964.5 Peace

Defunct Pacts


OMRC - Organisation for Mutual Reconstruction and Commerce (1964-)

The Organisation for Mutual Reconstruction and Commerce (OMRC, typically pronounced as /ɒmrɪk/ om-rik) is an economic and political organisation between six countries (North Philippines, Fighters of Buddha, Tuvalu & Cook Islands, Jakartan Empire, New Zealand and China) bordering the Western Pacific rim. It was intended to accelerate regional reconstruction, regional economic integration, social progress, protection of regional peace and stability, and a way to resolve issues in a peaceful manner.

Member Year Invited Year Joined Position
Kingdom of Philippines Establisher 1964 Member
Fighters of Buddha 1964 1964 Member
Tuvalu & Cook Isles 1964.5 1964.5 Member
Australian Confederation 1964.5 1964.5 Member
Jakartan Empire 1964.5 1964.5 Member
Rep. of New Zealand 1964.5 1964.5 Member
Empire of China 1964 1965 Member

British Alliance (1965-)

See: British Alliance

Member Year Invited Year Joined Position
Welsh Republic Establisher 1965 Member
Northern Counties 1965 Invited if they recognise Wales as the ruler of Devon
Scottish Isles 1965 Invited
UKOTC 1965 Invited
Dictatorship of Munster 1965 Invited

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