African Union

The African Union was founded in 1956 with the free African nations banning together to help each other with economic issues and for common defense. This has helped the nations of the AU not only gain a better economy but in 1995 the member nations of the AU joined together in a common military and the member nation's militaries were all unified under the AU, this has proved very effective during the Central African Warlord Crisis of 2010 where they were able to effectivley coordinate their movements against their enemies.

Central Powers

The Central Powers were created in 1879 under the name "the Triple Alliance" between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The Central Powers fought valiantly in the Great War and even gained several allies in South America; although they also gained Norway, Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine, and Romania. Croatia joined after Austria-Hungary fractured.

After the war they managed to stay together, but just barely, several territory disputes between the Ukraine and Romania threatened to dismantle the Central Powers until the Treaty of Berlin that officially set the border. In 1973 the Central Power's members unified their military structure although they did not unify their militaries like the AU.

In 1993-2001 the Central Powers and SDTO fought in the bloody Second War of Austrian Succession after the Kingdom of Norway laid claim to the Austrian throne. The SDTO and Central Powers fought to a stalemate with the Central Powers on Vienna's gates. The Treaty of Orlando ended the war and the Norwegian claims to the Austrian throne.

The Central Powers and the Entente briefly clashed during the German Border Crisis and during the Greek-Entente War of 2011-2012. The latter conflict was in a rare show of unity of interest with the SDTO in repulsing the Entente from Greece after they attempted to force the Greeks to submit to the Entente's will. Luckily they just managed to hold off a full fledged new Great War.


The Entente was founded in 1907 between the UK and France. The Entente has since grown to incorporate some of the British Colonies that had been granted independence although, the Netherlands, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Iberia, and Bosnia are the exempts from that rule. They all joined during the course of the Great War after being threatened by the Central Powers, the SDTO or both.

The Entente has set many standandards for military excellence in many aspects, from the British SAS to the Indian Gurkhas. The Entente has fought in several small wars throughout the 20th and early 21st Century. From the German Border Crisis of 1983 to the Taming of the Algerians in 1954-1972 to the Greek-Entente War of 2011-2012.

The Greek-Entente War was fought over the right of Greeks to block the Aegean Sea from traffic. The Greeks had declared a tax on all trade going through the Aegean Sea of nearly 13% of their profits. The Entente responded quickly and attacked Athens with cruise missile strikes a week after the bill was passed. The Entente followed with an invasion of Greece, but this attack was seen as a threat to the Central Powers and to the SDTO and in a rare show of friendship both helped the Greeks repulse the Entente from the area, but in the process almost sparking a second Great War; the situation is still critical and many are unsure of how this will play out.

San Diego Treaty Organization

The San Diego Treaty Organization was founded in 1860 between the Japanese and the Americans, at the time it was simply known as the Japanese-American Alliance. The name was changed in 1913 with the signing of the Treaty of San Diego between the US, Japan, Peru, and Bolivia. During the Great War the SDTO was originally neutral although they were brought into the war by the aggressive actions of the British and then Mexicans against them making the war a three way war.

After the Great War the Ottoman Empire was destroyed along with the Russian Tsardom, th SDTO gained the members of Turkey, Kurdistan and Crimea. During the Soviet-Turkistani Invasion of Siberia the Siberians turned to the SDTO for aid. They obligied and after a bloody four year war the Soviets and Turks were fought to a stalemate near the original borders, the Treaty of Istanbul made Siberia a member of the SDTO and set the border of Siberia, the USSR, and Turkistan.

The SDTO set the stage for advanced robotics and technologies in armies with more and more emphasis on technologies then massive manpower. The SDTO has fought in the Muslim Invasion of Turkey in 1967-1970 that ended in a complete victory for the SDTO when US and Japanese troops marched down the streets of Mecca, the Second War of Austrian Succession in 1993-2001, and the Greek-Entente War in 2011-2012 along with numerous brush wars against rebels in the US, Japan, and Turkey.

Muslim League

The Muslim League was created in 1960 with the Treaty of Tehran. The Muslim League effectivley extreminated several "dangerous" factions of Islam in Arabia and Iraq. The Muslim Union also created a unified Islamic Court Union that officially set much court law in reagards to Sharia Law. The Muslim League launched an assault on Naples in 1980 that was extremley effective for a period of three months before the Italians were able to launch a unified assault on the Muslims that drove them out of Italy in 1981, they were then invaded by the Italians who eventually fought all the way to Cairo where they forced a treaty to be signed that ended the war.

The Muslim League also fought the Moscow Pact in 1992 in a war that ended in status quo ante bellum.

Moscow Pact

The Moscow Pact was formed in 1928 when the USSR and Turkistan signed the Pact of Moscow in the preparation of the invasion of Siberia, the Communist Chinese joined in 1954 when Mao died and Sūn Démíng succeded him. The Sudanese and Congolese joined in 1967 and 1982 respectivley. The Congolese had a Communist government since 1961 and the Seven Netherlands was officially thrown off.

The Moscow Pact attacked the Muslim League in 1992 after the Afghan-Turkistan Crisis exploded into a massive war. The Moscow Pact and Muslim League fought until 1994 when a state of status quo ante bellum was announced in the Treaty of Baghdad after they both were exahausted to the point of open revolt.

Italian Union

After the Great War Italy was divided by the Treaty of Versailles. The nation was divided between four new nations and the far northern parts were divided between Austria and France.

The new nations banned together in 1967 with the Treaty of Rome which created the Italian Union as a defensive pact to protect themselves against an expansionist France and an expansionist Austria. The Italian Union's members set up a unified and independent military arm of the Italian Union created of volunteers wishing to "protect ALL of Italy". The members also set up a uniform structure with the other members so that they can quickly and effectivley respond to any incursion into Italy, this came into good effect when the Muslim League invaded Naples and starting the Muslim-Italian War; of which the Italians won after the Battle of Cairo.

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