The Alliance of Sovereign East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an alliance of four East Asian countries, the Chu Dynasty, the Chenla Kingdom, the Ughyur Khanate, and the Ainu peoples. Active membership proposals has been sent to Tibet and Liang China. It supports economic prosperity, social progress, and the protection of regional peace and stability.

Council Map



  1. Highlighted nations are states that have agreed to join the organisation, and are invited into the Alliance.
  2. Grey nations are neutral states that have been not officially invited into the Alliance or have declined the membership proposal.


  • Chu Dynasty ~ Empress Chu Hee Seo
    • Honshu/Wa ~ Governor Onodera
  • Chenla Queendom ~ King​ Salavarman ll 
  • Bruneian Empire ~ Unspecified 
  • Ainu peoples ~ King Yaihlu Katama'ana
  • Ughyur Khanate ~ Khagan Qutlugh Bilge Köl 
  • India ~ Emperor Maharaja Mahipala II
  • Liang ~ Emperor Jing [Traitor, will be accepted into the council if stops aggression and gives the Chu, Chenla, the Gupta, and the Ughyurs wanted territories]

Active Proposals

  • Gupta Dynasty ~
  •  Kingdom of Luzon


  • The Gupta Dynasty would like to assist in the war against the Liang in exchange for a surplus of land and the respect of the ASEAN nations.
  • The Chenla would highly appreciate the aid of the mighty Gupta Dynasty. And proposes that they should join ASEAN. 
  • India accepts the active proposal and will help against Liang in return for getting financial aid and getting Papua New Guinea.
  • The great nation of the Caliphate proposes this great deal to ASEAN: The Allied League (formerly the High Council of Eurasia) would like to merge with ASEAN and become the 'Asian and African League of Nations'. If you accept the deal then the page for the alliance will be here but renamed to the new name. If anyone has got a better name then please say. The new alliance will be Multi mixed religions.

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