Alliance for Chile
Alianza por Chile
Timeline: Napoleon's World

Logo Alternativo Alianza por Chile
Logo of the Alianza

Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Santiago, Chile
Ideology: Nationalism, Conservatism
Political position: Center-Right
22 / 72
Chamber of Deputies:
54 / 176

The Alliance for Chile (Span: Alianza por Chile, or simply Alianza) is a Chilean political coalition composed of the National Party and the Christian Democrat Party, which broke off from the CDN on September 20, 2012 after disagreements with the remaining coalition members, the Gremialist Union and Liberal Renewal. The AC will be one of the five coalitions contending for the 2014 Presidential and Congressional elections, against the CDN (RL/UG), UDP (PSDP/PCCh), ASD (PDS/PP) and the pact "Si tú quieres, Chile cambia" (PR/DR).

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