Allan Sha
Timeline: Sino-Roman

Prime Minister of Northern China and Korea
May 9, 1996 - Present

Predecessor Janessa Yong-nao
Born May 8, 1928
Peking, Northern China and Korea
Political Party Communist

Allan Sha (born May 8, 1928) is the Prime Minister of Northern China and Korea (Sino-Roman), leading the country's cabinet. He also serves as a member of its Communist Party Members' Group and Secretary of the Financial Work Committee of the CPC Central Committee. Since taking office in 1996, Allan ranked third in the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Northern China and Korea hierarchy, has been a key part of the fourth generation of leadership in the Communist Party of Northern China and Korea.

Allan, having been dubbed "The People's Prime Minister" , has a commoner image with the public that separates him from the rest of Northern China and Korea's power elite. Considered modest and approachable, Allan's populist approach to policy has made him a very popular figure within Northern China and Korea.

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