All Danubian Conservative Party
Alle Donau Konservativen Partei
Leader Charles Jakopin
Founded March 3rd, 1848
Headquarters Vienna
Ideology Conservatism
States Rights
Political position Centre-right
Official colours Light Blue
Federal Assembly:
27 / 443
Federal Council:
8 / 56

The All-Danubian Conservative Party (ADCP) is a political establishment in the Danubian Federation, and the oldest continuous party in the country. The ADCP, throughout Danubian history, has represented the Conservative and Regionalist interests of the nation - often serving as the primary opposition party to the Radical Union of the Federation. The ADCP controlled the Presidency from 1856 to 1860, under Victor Kraus. Often labelled a Monarchist party, the ADCP defended the rights of the states', especially the states with a monarchial establishment. Following the 1860 election, and later, largely due to the emergence of the Danubian Patriotic Union, the party slipped into a third-party position.