All Because of a single day shows this world as it was in 1960.

On May 20th. Joseph Kennedy waived the Diplomatic Immunity of American Cipher Tyler Kent. British MI5 raided his apartment and discovered 1,929 classified documents of secret communications between U.S President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

But what if Tyler Kent would have left for America six hours before?

With Military Intelligence on his heels Kent manages to show the documents to the American Non-Interventionist Movement.

List of Nations


The British Empire manages to defend itself from initial Nazi Attacks but struggles to replenish its air force and its army. Operation Sea-Lion in April 1943 is commenced on England and Scotland. The German Blitzkrieg managed to dismember government defenses and the parliament. However, underground resistance became very strong and the invasion degrades into a brutal guerrilla war.

See Main Article: Operation Sea Lion

Meanwhile on the other side of the European Continent, Hilter betrayed his Soviet Allies and launched Operation Barbarossa in June of 1941 with an 1.6 million in armed forces. Leader of the U.S.S.R Joseph Stalin was so shocked he spent a week in solitude. By October the Third Reich was on the doors of Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad. Moscow in particular was only saved from capitulation because an unusually harsh winter. In May of 1942 German forces were drawn away from Leningrad and Stalingrad and propelled towards Moscow. For six weeks every nook and corner of the historic city was fought over. The climax came on June 1st when Joseph Stalin personally lead a charge on German Troops outside the Kremlin restoring the morale and vigor of the Red Army. The Germans were routed from the Soviet capital on June 16th.

Hitler then moved forces to take Leningrad and Stalingrad, leading to results that were similar to that of Moscow,

The war would fall into an exhausting stalemate through 1942-1945 as Hitler drew his attention toward Britain the Soviets began to make small gains.

In March of 1945 Stalin amassed some 8 million under General Zukov and took advantage of waning of German Strength in Operation Rodinan Freedom, making large gains lifting the sieges of Leningrad and Stalingrad, shoving forcefully to the border of OTL Ukraine. Germany used V.2 rockets to counter the Soviet Offensive,

See Main Articles: Attacks on Moscow, Battle of Leningrad, Operation Barbarossa, Great Patriotic War

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