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An immediate decsion is taken by the Führer. As the Russians are closest, the attack is concentrated on them. Western Front, Reserves and forces drawn from the as well as conscripts from Nazi-controlled Europe launch a titanic assault on the Russians. Disoriented, they fall back, the Nazis smashing through them into Leningrad, where Khrushchev enacts the Not One Step Back order once again. It didn't work last time and it doesn't work this time. He is caught and executed fleeing from Moscow.

The Soviets duly defeated, the armies turn back, racing across Europe to reach Germany before the Americans, who have punched through the weakened German lines and are fighting at the border of France. The American General is faced with three choices- if he fails to reach Berlin before the German army, he will be pushed back to Britain. If he can, the war is over: the general leading the armies is not a die-hard Nazi.

Race for Berlin

Launch Nuclear Strikes

Sue for Peace

The Royal Guns (talk) 16:02, July 10, 2012 (UTC)

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