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All-Union Labour Front of Garuda
President of Garuda Magdalena Suharsono
Vice-President of Garuda Ralf Kalla
Chancellor of the Staatenrat Juergen Nielsen
Chancellor of the Folksrat Mohamad Widodo
Founded 8 April 1923
Headquarters Asemadburg
Student wing Bundslīg der Studentarbyter
Youth wing Bundslīg der Jungarbyter
Membership  (2016) 26,910,502
Ideology Democratic socialism
International affiliation Socialist International
Liberal International
Official colors      Red
528 / 700
639 / 1,000

The All-Union Labour Front of Garuda (Garudan: Bundsarbytsfront Garudas, BAF) is a democratic socialist and liberal political party in Garuda. It is the current ruling party, and has been re-elected to government in the Bundsrat consistently for the past forty years. Save two, all Garudan Presidents have been members of the Labour Front. A member of the Labour Front is in Garudan colloquially known as Bafer (plural: Bafern, German pronunciation: [bafɐ(n)])

The current leader of the party, Magdalena Suharsono, is the incumbent President of Garuda. The BAF is a member of Liberal International and Socialist International.

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