Alien vs. Predator (stylized as A.v.P) is a 1995 American action/science fiction horror film produced by Presley R. Cline and 20th Century Fox and directed by Ambrose Webster. Roughly two days after a massive explosion on the fictional Eastern Pacific island of San Remon, off the coast of Central America, a multinational force of elite troops from around the world, led by a team of US Navy SEALS, airdrop onto the island for what is officially labeled a 'recon & rescue' mission. Their true objective is to find and eliminate a new and dangerous threat that has surfaced there, armed only with the foreknowledge of the sole survivors to escape the so-called San Remon Massacre: Dutch Roberts and Michael Harrigan. Most of the soldiers remain skeptical, dismissing Dutch and Harrigan's testimony as nothing more than the ramblings of two men suffering from post-traumatic stress. Unfortunately, they must learn the price of disbelief the hard way when the team is caught in the crossfire of the Predators' war against another, far more virulent and insidious extraterrestrial species known only as 'Aliens'.

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