It's August, 1915, and the world is in a tightly locked war as the Entente of the British, French and Russians attempt to defeat the Triple Alliance, or Central Powers, of the Germans, the Austro-Hungarians, and the Ottomans.

Trench warfare has set in, as the two sides find that the new weapons of war will not deliver the quick victory forecast. And so, the two sides wait in trenches, artillery raining down hell, spellcasters launching massive rains of fire, creating elementals, raising the dead, tanks and men charging forth and being slaughtered- and then the aliens arrive.

The day they arrive, the war ends. Using nuclear bombs and antimatter weapons, as well as a strange form of mind control they kill millions immediately, and seizing large swaths of land. They have performed similar invasions before, and each time, the races were destroyed, enslaved, unable to withstand the vast technological difference.

But Earth is different from those other worlds.

Because Earth has magic.

And Earth- Earth will use it.

The war that ends on the first day of the Arrival is the one between humans. The one against the aliens is only starting...

Where do the aliens land first?

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