Alien Nation is an American science fiction/police procedural that began airing in 1989 on the Fox Network and is currently preparing to enter its ninth season. The series deals with human interactions with a group of 250,000 extraterrestrials that crash-land in the Mojave Desert in 1984 and within five years, become loosely integrated into human society. One of these aliens, (the Tenctonese, or more commonly, 'Newcomers') by name of George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint), becomes a detective with the LAPD and starts working with his human counterpart, Detective Matt Sikes (Gary Graham) to solve crimes against both Newcomers and humans alike. Matt is - at first - rather reluctant to work with George, but they soon become good friends and often assist each other in times of family crisis.

The series frequently plays on the evils of racism and discrimination against the Newcomers, a new minority in world society. Many of the Newcomers were given the names of famous humans on their release from quarantine in the late '80s (Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Harriet Tubman, Nikola Tesla, etc.).

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