First Contact

NYC Invasion

New York City during "Contact Day"

June 18th 1948 - New York City

09:00 AM

A spaceship appears in the skies of New York.

03:00 PM

The alien ship lands in the shores of Jersey. The government takes precautionary measures and closes all traffic to Manhattan. The zone is evacuated and the army intervenes.

Ship I NYC

Spaceship over 42nd Street

June 19th 1948 - New York City

While the US Army tries to find an entrance, the ship reacts and starts to open. Inside it, a special team of scientists finds 137 extraterrestrials. They appeared to have contracted a disease during their trip. They are sent to a military base in New York.

June 20th 1948 - Washington DC

President Truman addresses the nation, communicating the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

Public Reaction

After the discovery of alien life, public reaction was varied. Apocalyptic cults called the aliens "Bringers of Destruction", while other cults called them "Angels" or "Gods". The common citizen had mixed feeling about the subject, but most Americans believed it would be better for the aliens to leave Earth.

Ahk History and Anatomy

Ahk History


Adult Ahk anatomy

The Ahk aliens originated from the planet Kalb'hat orbiting Alpha Centauri A. Their planet is at an average distance of 160 million km from the star, and has a mass and size of about 80% that of Earth. The Ahk civilization originated a millennium before mankind, making them capable of interstellar travel. Their religious folklore is highly rich, with many different belief systems and their culture equally varied and developed. They seem, like humans, to be divided into different nations and to speak different languages. Many Ahk on Earth speak languages native to their own "nation", yet all speak a main language known has Standard Ahk. Like English, this language became the main language of their society over the last 200 years.

The aliens who arrived on Earth were part of an exploratory vessel, responsible for studying our planet, a possible Ahk colony if capable of harvesting life. During their trip, their ship suffered an engine malfunction, forcing them to drift in space for more than seven years before entering earth's orbit.

=Ahk Anatomy

The Ahk are humanoid in shape, yet they can be easily distinguished from humans due to their quadrupedal locomotion. Their skin colour varies from light gray to dark brown, and male skin is slightly darker than female skin. They are, like humans, divided into two genders: Males store spermatozoa in testicular glands inside their body and females store eggs inside a large, ovary-like structure. They reproduce in the same way mammals do, females possessing mammary glands to feed the infant for about two years after birth.

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