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There will be two algorithms: War Algorithm and Expansion Algorithm.

War Algorithm


  • at the location of the war or border invasion: 5
  • next to the location of the war: 4
  • close to the location of the war: 3
  • far from location of the war: 2
  • other side of the world: 1

Tactical Advantage

  • attacker's advantage: 1
  • knowledge of landscape: 2 (this counts if: Defender has had territory for 20+years OR Attacker has owned territory attacked within the past 20 years)

​Defender's bonuses:

  • Defender has developed bows: +0.5
  • Deender has defensive castle(or something alike): +0.5
  • Defender has mountainous area: +0.5

Attacker's bonuses:

  • Attacker has developed bows or rifles: +0.5 for each(if bows and rifles then +1)
  • Attacker has developed shields: +0.5 ONLY if attacking a fortified building(castle etc.)

Other factors

  • Allies: +0.5 for allies with territory bigger than 5 pixels. +1 for allies with more than 100 pixels.
  • Expansion: -1 for every turn used for expansion in the past 10 years, as it uses resources and money(unless done by mercenaries, then -0.5 as only $$$ used)
  • Major tech advancement on your side: 5
  • Population: Added by number of digits in the population number( 1000 equals 4)
  • Larger industrial base(can only be applied after 1700): 2


No motive until 364AD

Government Popularity

  • Loved: 2
  • Liked: 1
  • Tolerated: 0
  • Not Liked: -1
  • Hated: -2

Bonuses for Government Popularity include:

  • Controlled press: +1 (not until there are newspapers and writing invented)
  • positive moderator event in past 5 years: +1
  • negative moderator event in past 10 years: -1


  • Terrain at the front is urban: -1 Attacker / +1 Defender
  • Amphibious invasion: -2 Defender /+2 Attacker
  • Defending nation is island: +2 Defender /-2 Attacker
  • Ajudiciations must remain in the -1 /+1 format
  • Additional adjudications may be added by neutral mods (ex. China invades Siberia-its friggin cold, -2A /+2D, Saudi Arabia invades Yemen, they’re both desert nations, no adjudication)


  • Country has no international trade: -2 (not applied until 1400AD)
  • Population center occupied: -2
  • Industrial centers occupied: -1 (not applied until 1701AD)
  • Opponent is hated by nation: +1
  • Usage of Chemical weapons/WMDs: +3(only available after 1890)(opponent gets +1 in motive for each use)
  • Nuclear Arsenal; +10(only available after 1950)(opponent gets automatic 10 in motive)


  • Chance is counted by grabbing the edit number of the attacker(if NPC - use at the time of making the part of chance in algorithm. This then divided by pi(~3.14 - refer to, and the hundredth number is the actual chance. So 5.29412 would mean that the chance is 9. But this is counted for attacker only.
  • Chance for defenders is always counted by, and the number must be ranging from 0 to 9.


  • If the winner is attacker, the result is counted by (defender's points)/(attacker's points) and the answer means how much territory can you gain. For example, defender has 45 points, and attacker has 46. That means that the attacker gains 45/46~0.97826087, which means ~98% of defender's territory that turn. Then, the attacker can attack again in the next turn, but he will receive -1 point ajudiciation.
  • If the winner is defender, the result is counted by (attacker's points)/(defender's points), so if a defender decides to counter-attack, he will gain that amount on that turn. If the defender is NPC, will decide if he will counter-attack or not: If says 1, then he will counter-attack, if it says 0, then he will not, and will agree to a Status Quo peace treaty.

Expansion Algorithm

Expansion points, are the pixels(50km2) by which you can expand once per turn. They are counted in a following way:

  • Starting Point: +1
  • Nation has, and is using bows and swords(or anything alike) during the expansion: +1
  • Nation has developed gunpowder and is using rifles: +5
  • Nation knows the language of the local people, which they expand towards: +2
  • Nation knows the basics of industry: +5
  • Nation has developed knowledge of colonization: +2
  • Nation has the territory already explored(only if colonizing another island): +3
  • Nation has developed military horseriding: +2
  • Nation has reached the Stage 2 of Industrialization: +5
  • Nation has reached the Stage 3 of Industrialization: +5
  • <More to be added soon>

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