War Algorithm


Location is how close the nation is to the place of the conflict. Goes by capital city.

  • At the war: 5
  • Next to the war: 4
  • Close to the war: 3
  • Far from the war: 2
  • Halfway around the world: 1


  • Mountainious: if the nation Attacked(Defendant) is or present considerable amounts of Mountain Systems which in some way mean a difficulty for the attacker to invade, +9 For defendant, -5 for attacker
  • Flatlands: if a nation has a flat consistent surface or Easily takeable land +8
  • Desertic or Selvatic Environment: if the Defendant Nation has a Great amount of Desertic Regions or Forest and Selvatic Environment +5 for defender, -5 for attacker
  • Amphibious: if the invasion is by sea: Defenders +4, attackers -4
  • Arctic: if the Weather of the Invaded or Occupied Regions are or Present Low Temperature: -5 for attacker, -2 for defender

Tactical Advantage

  • Attacker’s advantage: 1
  • Defender’s advantage: 2
  • Surrounding/Pincer movement: +2 Attacker
  • Airborne: +3 attacker, -2 defender


  • Every nation militarily helping with belligerents/defenders: +3
  • Every nation nonmilitarily helping with belligerents/defenders: +2
  • Every vassal militarily helping with belligerents/defenderes: +2
  • Every vassal nonmilitarily helping with belligerents/defenders: +1
  • Every nation occupied by nation: -1
  • Side with greater population: +3
  • Side with greater industry: +3
  • International Status: add current ranking


The amount of troops currently engaged in the strategic maneuver or operation. 

  • Big Army +8 ( more than 100.000 men)
  • Huge Army +6 (80.000 to 100.000 Men)
  • Medium Army +5 (60.000 to 80.000 men)
  • Small Army +4 (30.000 to 60.000 men)
  • Tiny Army +3 (from 100.000 to 30.000 men)
  • Small army ( approx- 1.000 to 10.000 men)


  • Life or Death:+10 it means that the nation existence is threatened by an outside threat
  • Provoked:+8 it means that the nation its been attacked
  • Revenge: +7 it means a nation that its attacking an enemy to recover its "Honor"
  • Religious+7 (if its Religion Based) +4 if not: any campaign that face's peoples of two different religions
  • Social Moral:+6 if it enters the war due to some minory or Social group being attacked or to aid an Ally in war
  • Political:+5 to aid a similar-Friendly nation
  • Economical:+4 if the war is to gain a highly producing region of the enemy Empire
  • To gain land:+2 it means that the only motive is to gain  land or expand
  • To Gain Prestige:-4 it means the war is done for prestige in front of the World Powers
  • Subjugation: +1 Means that the motive is to make the other nation a vassal

Casus Belli

the Casus belli points are given to All states and can only be given one specific depending on the reasons ingame of the War, its similar to the Motive points but Specifically based in Ingame information

  • Reconquest: +10 - it means any Campaign that Refers to one single nation facing another nation that Represents the Opposite or that are seen as enemy 
  • Crusade:+8 it means any Religious based assault at an Enemy of the Opposite religion (of two or more Nations against one or more nations)
  • Land Claims:+6 if the land in question is under dispute
  • Intervention:+5 it means any state intruding an ally or enemy state to Keep or aid the current Government (mainly used for Vassals or Allies in Civil war)
  • Self Defense: +5 it means if the nation is invaded or attacked by a enemy without reason
  • Imperial Manifesto/Manifest destiny: +4 , A nation believes that a certain area of colonial land should be integrated into their empire, and that it is their destiny to do so.
  • Irredentism-Nationalism: +2 any movement that enforces the believe to unify an ethnic group under one same banner 
  • No Casus Belli: -2, it means that if there's no real reason outside pure expansionism the player will be given -2 in the algorithm

Nuclear weapons

  • Strategic nuclear weapon use on capital city: +10 for belligerent, -10 for defendant (of nuke). +2 per additional nuke for belligerent, -2 per additional nuke for defendant.
  • Strategic nuclear weapon use on major city: +7 for belligerent, -10 for defendant (of nuke). +1.5 per additional nuke for belligerent, -1.5 per additional nuke for defendant.
  • Strategic nuclear weapon use on minor city: +5 for belligerent, -10 for defendant (of nuke). +1 per additional nuke for belligerent, -1 per additional nuke for defendant.
  • Tactical nuclear weapon use: +5 for first tactical nuke, +.5 per additional nuke.

Economic situation

  • Great economy: +5
  • Fair economy: +3
  • Average economy: +1
  • Poor economy: -3
  • Crashing economy: -5


  • Polar army in temperate zone: +2 (Russians in Germany)
  • Polar army in Tropical/Arid zone: -2 (Canadians in North Africa)
  • Tropical/Arid army in Temperate zone:+1
  • Tropical/Arid army in Polar zone: -6
  • Temperate army in either zone: -1
  • Army in similar zone: +6


Every three years, The attitude will become more against the war, unless serious propaganda campaigns are started. The attitude will change every year if the fighting is in the homeland. It will also change after a successful nuclear strike on the homeland. 

  • United Effort: the whole country is dedicated to the war effort: +7
  • Some opposition: most of the country is for the war, but a decent minority is against it: +5
  • Divided effort: about half of all people support the war effort: +3
  • Major Opposition: Most people do not support the war: +1
  • No Support: The war is openely protested and despised: -2
  • Propaganda movements: +2 for every turn during the war
  • Forced removal of opposition: +5 for the first purge, +3 for the second, +1 for the third, -1 for the fourth, and so on. 
  • Resistance groups: -3


  • United: area invaded has a single, united population: +5 defender, -5 attacker
  • Peaceful Groups: area invaded has a few ethnic groups that generally get along: +2 defender, -2 attacker
  • Hostile Groups: area invaded has a few ethnic groups which are antagonistic to each other: -2 defender, +2 attacker
  • Balkanized: area has genocidal groups which are openley violent to each other: -5 defender, +5 attacker.
  • Genocide: area attacked is undergoing an ethnic cleansing: +1 attacker, -7 defender, up one morale ranking for attacker. 
  • Resistance: area has a resistance movement freindly to the attacker: +10 attacker


  • add the OTL year that the technology was used, and subtract 1900, Ex:
the US army was modern as of 1945 this turn


  • Take the difference of the last maneuver that the army group has done, and add it to the score.
  • Ex: for Operation Torch, the allies had a score of 131, and the axis had 100. add 31 to the allies, and subtract 31 from the axis for the invasion of italy 
  • If the army has had no other maneuvers, then the score will start at zero.
  • War-weariness: -2 for every turn without a major boost of re-inforcements. 

Compostion and training

  • Professional Soldiers age 25-30: +10
  • Professional Soldiers age 21-40: +8
  • Semi-Professional Soldiers: +6
  • Conscripts age 25-30: +4
  • Conscripts age 21-40: +2
  • Conscripts age 18-50: +1
  • Conscripts with little Training: -2
  • Conscripts with no training: -4
  • Old men and boys: -6

Supply Lines

  • More than Enough Supplies: +6
  • Enough Supplies: +4
  • Almost Enough supplies: +2
  • Stressed supply lines: -2
  • Few Supplies :-4
  • Almost no supplies: -6


Take the UTC time at that moment. (ie 21:32). Then, multiply those numbers. Any zeros count as one.

  • 2*1*3*2= 8

Then take the declaring user's edit count.

  • ie 2831.

Then divide the UTC number by the edit count.

  • 8/2831= 0.00282585658

Multiply that number by pi

  • 0.00282585658*pi= 0.00887318966

Take the fifth digit in the number, and there's your chance.

  • 7

Then, for the opponent, take the eighth number.

  • 8

And there you go!


The winner will get to take the city(ies) they were targeting. If the winner wins by more than 1.5x the score, they will take four cities. If they win any number less, they will take two cities. If the user wins by more than two times the score, eight cities will be taken. If the user wins by more than four times the score, the nation will capitulate.

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