This is the algorithm used for Imperial Powers (Map Game) wars and campaigns.

The Algorithm

Initial Start Up Number

The initial start up number is one hundred for both sides.

Intent of Attacker

Takeover Land for No Clear Reason;

Attacker: -5 Defender: +3

Economic Gains;

Attacker: -4 Defender: +3

Strategic Military Location;

Attacker: -2 Defender: +2

Cultural and Religious Reasons

Attacker: -1 Defender +2

Reclaiming Histroical Territory

Attacker: +2 Defender: -1

Moderate National Security Threat(eg. Country houses terrorists thatt have attacked you)

Attacker: +3 Defender: -1

Large National Security Threat (eg. Country threatens nuclear strike)

Attacker: +5 Defender: -3

Threat to State's Survival

Attacker: +7 Defender: -5

Terrain and of Defending Country

Plains and Flatlands

Attacker: +4 Defender: -3


Attacker: +2 Defender: -1

Moderately Mountainous

Attacker: -3 Defender: +2


Attacker: -4 Defender: +5

Vast Body of Water Separating Countries(201+ Miles distance)

Attacker: -5 Defender +4

Moderate Body of Water Separating Countries(11-200 miles distance)

Attacker: -3 Defender: +3

Narrow Body(Under 10 Miles distance) of Water or River

Attacker: -1 Defender: -1

No Body of Water; Nations dierectly border each other

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